Friday, June 14, 2019

Rockman EXE Music to be Played at the Latest Japan Game Music Orchestra Concert

The Japan Game Music Orchestra (JAGMO) will be holding a double concert called "Doppel Symphony -Progressive & Nostalgic-" on June, 29th at the Grand Hall of Shinjuku Cultural Center in Tokyo. Among the games represented, music from the Rockman EXE will be part of the performances.

The concert will offer two different performances. The noon showing is the "Progressive" show with music from games like Gravity Rush, Kingdom Hearts, the Atelier Series, Deemo and Another Eden. The nighttime performance, called "Nostalgic", will play music from the  Rockman EXE series, Chrono Cross, Cuphead, Ys I, Ys II, and The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky.

The orchestra will be playing a medley with the following songs from the Rockman EXE series:

 [Rockman EXE 1]

  • "Home Town" 
  • "VS. Dream virus" 

[Rockman EXE 2]

  • "VS. Gospel"  

 [Rockman EXE 3]


[Rockman EXE 4]

  • "VS. Duo" 

[Rockman EXE 5]

  • "VS. Nebula Gray"  

[Rockman EXE 6]

  • "Theme of ROCKMAN EXE 6
  • "Decisive Battle, Cyber Beasts!" 
  • "Future" 

If you want more information and how to purchase tickets in advance, visit the concert's official site!


  1. I love the music for these games but they don't lend well to symphony I think because they were so composed and designed for techno and rock fusion. Some can work but, it is just not meant to be for me.

  2. I am very, very, very curious to hear that.


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