Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yet More Officially-Licensed Mega Man Battle Network Character Goods

It looks like Capcom's on a bit of a Battle Network kick lately. Today, online hobby retailer Ami Ami has begun accepting pre-orders for a slew of cute Mega Man Battle Network-themed goods. These were previously exclusive to an in-store GraffArt event in Japan back in May – but now they can be yours! Here's what we got:

GraffArt also produced a small line of X series-themed products in May, too. Those should be hitting Ami Ami relatively soon, I imagine. For now you can look forward to these fun guys. Everything ships in July!


  1. i would have loved a Bass keychain as well.

  2. If I could be optimistic, I'd believe they were drumming up Battle Network because maybe a compilation for the Switch is in order?

    1. Wonder if Protodude has anything to say? BN really needs a collection at this point, if it wasn't for these goods I'd almost think they've forgotten about it


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