Thursday, September 13, 2018

Capcom Opens Up New E-Store In Europe

Capcom today revealed on Twitter they are opening a new merchandise E-store for European regions, which of course includes many Mega Man items as well as items for both Devil May Cry & Monster Hunter franchises. You can check out the new store by following the link below -

Most of the Mega Man related items we've seen before but hopefully should allow for cheaper shipping options for some regions, you can check out their shipping rates & which regions the store will ship to here


  1. i can order a proper E Tank?
    i really hate the US version of the etank.

    1. There was one sold on jlist a while back. I still have mine; it's a short can rather than a tall one. I haven't seen them sold in a while, though.

    2. What I meant by that was I never saw a US one, but I did see one on Jlist. Closest I ever saw was an energy drink can with 8-bit Mega Man on it. Did I miss something or is the one I saw on Jlist the one you're talking about?


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