Friday, September 7, 2018

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episodes 11-14 Now Available to Stream

Four new Mega Man: Fully Charged episodes are now available to watch via the Cartoon Network app and Cartoon Network's website. Do note that in order to watch full episodes you need to authenticate your cable or satellite TV provider.

Episode titles and descriptions below:

Episode 11: "Unfriendly Competition"
Aki must set aside a petty rivalry with Bert Wily in order to stop Chemistry Man from wreaking havoc at Silicon Central's Field Day. 

Episode 12: "Opposites Attract"
Fire Man and Wave Man team up to evaporate the city's water supply, forcing Mega Man to team up with an ally of his own – Suna.

Episode 13: "I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)"
When Ice Man decides to be a hero, Mega Man, influenced by Ice Man's literalness, steps down from the hero biz until a true crisis snaps him out of it. 

Episode 14: "Trust Your Guts, Man!"
Guts Man tries to undo Dr. Light's eco-friendly disposal of trash in Silicon City by infiltrating the family and destroying the Lighthouse so he can eat it! 

If you enjoyed the first ten episodes, I don't see why you wouldn't tune in for these. Enjoy!


  1. Is Mega Man Fully Charged coming to iTunes?

  2. I'm sold on that Guts Man episode lmao

  3. All of the new episodes were free online for me.
    Also I love that Russian remix of Guts Man's theme!

    1. Edit: They were free but now they locked them again. Weird.

  4. i actually like that gutsman design

  5. hello,does someone know how can you watch the series if you´re not from the usa ? i´m from chile and i want to see it but i can´t find anything!!! help!!!!


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