Sunday, April 8, 2018

HMO Collectables Zero Statue Pre-orders Coming April 21st

At last HMO Collectables' 1:4 scale Zero statue has been revealed. Better yet, preorders are coming soon. Real soon! How does April 21st sound? Read on for more pics and details.

From HMO's Facebook:

Introducing, the next collectible from HMO’s highly sought-after Mega Man X line… We present to you ZERO, in true 1:4 scale. Decked out in fiery red armour that speaks of passion, heroism and heart, HMO’s ZERO Premium Statue captures and embodies the very essence of Mega Man’s greatest hero till date for your collecting!

Available for limited Pre-Orders:

  • Limited Edition Red Zero
  • Rare Variant Black Zero with alternative head sculpt
  • Very Rare Ultimate Set of Red + Black Zero comes with matching base plates and Art Print

HMO's ZERO is a highly limited release and features the following for you, the collector:

  • First of it's kind large, beautiful true 1:4 scale for you to admire
  • Precision casted in High Quality solid resin for your lasting collection
  • Sculpted with precision and painted to simulate realistic metallic weathering for your viewing pleasure
  • Zero’s detailed body armour can be removed to reveal a set of high tech internal machinery (developed with Capcom) for your admiration
  • Multiple switch out parts - choose between museum, sword and blaster poses to add to the pleasure of configuring a precision produced piece for your display preferences
  • Complete the picture with Zero's long flowing golden locks
  • Light up base and parts for your flawless centerpiece display
  • Official Capcom licensed product for collectibility

Pre-orders go live on April 21st via HMO. You can be notified when it goes up by signing up for the pre-order event on Facebook here. Simply click "going" and you're in. Supply will be limited so get in on this ASAP!

Thanks to Vhyper1985 for the tip!


  1. They fail with the face again, but is not as bad as what the did with X, the saber looks weird too, otherwise looks great but too big and expensive for me. They should do something less expensive to reach more people.

  2. Those leg seam-lines are deal breakers.

  3. This looks way better than anything First4Figures has done with their Mega Man license.

    I don't think the face looks bad; the black variant face isn't great, but overall it looks really well-sculpted. I disagree with the above post that it should be less expensive; it's an art object made in a limited edition, which is for art collectors; it's not an action figure for kids. The price and small numbers produced (just over 200 world-wide for X) reflect the quality. These are all individually built and painted by hand, and are priced as such.

  4. I disagree. The face looks amazing imo, I'd go as far as saying this is the best Zero I've seen in figure/statue form. Too expensive for me but love it.

  5. Or let North Americans order. Couldn't believe they don't ship to North America

  6. Looks cool. I like the interpretation of the inner workings.

  7. This statue looks sick as hell.

    I don't know what the critics are talking about.

  8. this look great !

  9. The images makes it look poorly painted

    1. It's supposed to be battle damage and weathering, but I agree that the photos and lighting don't make that immediately apparent.

  10. Challenge to any toy makers! Use the lower right side of Zero's facial expression from this link:

    ...for your future Zero's toyline.


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