Sunday, October 22, 2017

Come Celebrate the Legacy of the Blue Bomber at "Mega Mania" This Winter

Who's up for a little 30th anniversary bash? On December 2nd, Ongaku Overdrive will be hosting "Mega Mania: Celebrating 30 Years of the Blue Bomber." The festivity will feature live music from Mega Man-inspired bands and artists The Megas, Bitbrigade and Mega Ran, plus a five-hour "Mega Man bazaar" featuring artists and vendors, playable games, drinks and more.

The event will take place at The Geek Easy in Winter Park, Florida. Admission is $15.00 per person. Grab your tickets here! I'm sure it'll be lots of fun and a great way for to meet members of the community. Barring work commitments, I might make the trip.


  1. Is Mega Ran going to sing "Mighty"?

  2. that's about 4 hours from me, I might go

  3. would have go if i lived in the US.

  4. Hm. I wonder if this is going to succeed the Mega Man-athon or be independent of it...


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