Friday, October 6, 2017

Another Look at Takara Tomy's Rockman Mini Figures

Proving once more there's no shortage of Rockman goods, Takara Tomy brings us our best look yet at their upcoming Rockman mini figure series.

These bite-sized cuties are slated to launch in November. One blind box will run you 300 yen (or roughly $2.60 US).

There's nothing out there yet but we can expect the likes of Big Bad Toystore and Ami Ami to offer pre-orders soon. Hey, I'm excited. I want that groveling Wily!

Source: Hobby Dengeki


  1. Sliding Rockman is OK but the oher two?, what a waste of time. I can see myself buying 10 Mettool :)

    1. Why is a firing/jumping Rockman a waste of time? I think they're neat.

    2. Because there is already one Mega Man figure in this collection, why do we need 3?, just make other characters. Also the firing/jumping is just lazy, they only changed one arm. My opinion of course ;)

    3. Looks lazy. Just look at his right arm. Looks like a separate piece, meaning they didn't even try to make 2 different poses & just reused the base design to have a different right arm :/

    4. hmm, i had'nt pay attention, but now that you mention it.
      Then again, maybe this is the point, they could afford to make a jumping and shooting megaman since it just involved switching the right-arm, but not making a different character alltogether, as it would have meant a new char-model entirely.

  2. i collect keychains, so this time i'm interested.

  3. Hi Protodude!

    Off-topic question...

    Is there any chance that you can bring over the table to your friends at Capcom to consider releasing the Mega Man Anniversary Legacy Collection PS4 Theme into PS Store?

    I pre-ordered a physical copy instead of the digital and I'm very sad that I missed. I woulnd't mind paying for it!

    It would be to have the theme released as part of the 30th anniversary.

    Thank you!

    Giga Man

  4. Crying Dr. Wily looks great! I'd totally buy that.


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