Friday, September 22, 2017

Mega Man Star Force Geo Variant 4Inch-Nel Headed to NYCC '17

If you plan on attending this year's New York Comic-Con, you might want to swing by Good Smile Co.'s booth (#422). Word on the street is the red Geo Stellar 4Inch-Nel variant will be on sale! It's a con exclusive (for the time being) so you better believe supply will be limited. Bring money – I can't stress that enough.

NYCC 2017 kicks off October 5th at the Javits Center. Head over here for more info!


  1. Worldwide exclusive like that metallic D-arts X that was sold in Comic Con or is going to be available in Japan too via the 4Inch-nel website?.

  2. There's gotta be some way to get this online,I'm never gonna make comic-con.

  3. Con exclusives aren't half as bad as Japanese web site pre-order only exclusives.
    Either way, I have no interest in a Star Force figure, much less a lazy variant.

  4. Can't get it but, I hope to find one at a good price on eBay.

  5. Well here comes a 150$US eBay purchase... sigh... I doubt it'll be sold in stores since dark volnutt and dark Battle net were not sold in stores.

  6. Where are those robot masters and mavericks :(

    1. The animal based Mavericks DESPERATELY NEED figure representation! Honestly, I'm sick of always getting the heroes :/


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