Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FiguartsZero Rockman Gets Previewed

By way of Rockman Unity, we've got some brand new, out-of-the-box images of FiguartsZERO Rockman. Next to Bandai's previous classic Rockman D-Arts, just how big is this thing anyway?

It's small!

FiguartsZero Rockman ships this December (priced at $49.99). Pre-orders are available now from Big Bad Toystore. Remember, there is little to no articulation! Be mindful of that before you buy.


  1. It looks like the head turns; the relationship of the face to his right hand is different in every photo.

  2. The effect part is cool (especially that it is interchangeable with the D-Arts), but it doesn't really look like any of the charge shots he's ever used in the games.

    1. If it were blue it'd be very similar to the MegaMan 8 cover art.

    2. To me it looks like the original MM4 charge shot, shape wise.

  3. Just curious, but is this getting a Bluefin Tamashii stateside release?


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