Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mega Man X Heads to New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Tomorrow (North America)

Confirmed via Nintendo of America's site, Mega Man X will hit the North American eShop tomorrow, August 11th. The SNES classic - playable only on New Nintendo 3DS consoles - will set you back $7.99.

As per usual with SNES Virtual Console titles, Mega Man X includes optional save states and a "pixel perfect" mode, which retains the original resolution of SNES games. It's a nifty little feature, one that looks very nice on New 3DS XL in my opinion.

 And with that, we can look forward to the eventual arrival of Mega Man X2 and X3. Those two hit the UK this week; North America TBD. Stay tuned!

Source: Nintendo


  1. I'm certain most of you reading the blog have played this... if you haven't, do so!

    MMX is absolutely one of the best titles of the entire Mega Man catalogue. Words can't describe how fresh, interesting, and fun this was in its day coming off of the (still excellent) old NES games!

    Wall kicking was a real game-changer in its day, and opened up so much of the level design. Some levels changed depending on who you defeated prior, opening up new routes or making certain areas less hazardous to traverse.

    If you have a n3DS, it's one of the better expenditures of $8 USD you can make.

  2. Oho well you don't need to tell me twice! X on the go here we cum!

  3. I'm not trying to underplay MMX and all it's an amazing game, but It's a game I can get for SNES, PS2, GCN, Wii, Wii U, PSP, and Vita(if you want to count Maverick Hunter X.) I own it on all of these platforms, and there are even more ports of this game I kid you not.

    I wish Capcom would just stop ignoring the existence of Star Force and ZX and just put those games on the Wii U virtual console, they're the only Mega Man series' not easily accessible to a modern audience, and I want to play them on my TV as well as share screens and drawings related to them on Miiverse.

    Both MMSF and MMZX contain some of my all time favorite Mega Man titles and I hate seeing them get treated like this, especially on their 10th anniversaries.

    If not VC releases for Star Force, just go all out and do a collection release for 3DS, return it's online multiplayer component to it, and it's a day one buy.

    I really hate how underrated these games are.

    1. Replace SF 1-2 with the combat engine of 3 and I'm sold.

    2. Nah, the system was fine in all 3 games and I'd rather they be left alone to keep their individuality, MMSF3 was my favorite but I still enjoyed 1 and 2, and I know not everyone prefers SF3's more over the top combo heavy nature.


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