Monday, August 15, 2016

Fan Project Explores the Potential of an HD Mega Man Battle Network Remake

Mega Man proof-of-concept projects are awesome. Case in point: this neat (but tiny) HD Battle Network experiment. Developed by PixelSprite, the bite-sized concept explores how Battle Network's tried and true battle system would look and feel in high-definition. You can download it from PixelSprite's Game Jolt page here. There's six different battles to play, each with their own unique Virus sets.

It's worth mention there is no guarantee this project will expand into a fully-fledge HD remake. For now, though, enjoy the possibilities. It's everything that *should* be happening this year for Battle Network's 15th anniversary.

Soure: PixelSprite | Game Jolt


  1. If only.

    I'd love a remake like this with extras and such. I always dreamt of an extra scenario where you play as Chaud and Proto Man and play their side of BN1. Then Mayl and Roll in BN2, and Bass in BN3.

    Shame that the chances of it happening are probably zero.

  2. Looks great.

    Fans never cease to impress me.

  3. Looks a bit weird since its was from gba era but i could totally back up something like this for the 3ds or other.

    Sadly capcom is trash with the franchise

    sigh someday megaman someday youll get the recognition you deserve.

    id support this

  4. It looks sick as hell in screenshot form I'll tell you that off the bat right away.

  5. Neat idea. It will be interesting to see if the project gets completed. My only critique is that gradients make the whole thing look a little too soft/blurry IMO. I think that it would be a little more stylistic if it was cel-shaded like Network Transmission. Other than that, nice work.

  6. If this thing becomes something more than a proof-of-concept demo, they jolly well better keep a tight lid on it until it's finished. No one wants another Chrono Resurrection or AM2R incident...

  7. I came here just to make a comment about AM2R, but you beat me to it.

    Pro-tip: Don't recreate an existing game. Either make something brand new a la MMX: Corruption or make an "inspired" game that heavily borrows elements but has a new identity (...just not like MN9). Making a recreation of BN1 is asking for a C&D.

  8. Don't need the exact same game, we had it with Rockman EXE Operate shooting star. Even in HD, it doesn't look exceptionnal....


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