Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here's the Latest Batch of Random Mega Man Goods for North America (Update)

Shirts, posters and... a snood?

As per usual the following are being produced by Great Eastern Entertainment. You can't order these items directly from GE, but they are bound for various retailers nationwide (both online and in store) in the very near future.

Last but not least is a Mega Man snood. I guess it's like a hoodie without most of the hoodie? A hood with a scarf? I dunno, man; really hard to tell with this low-res thumbail. It's due in late November, just in time for the eve of winter.

UPDATE: 16 oz. glass beer mugs from Entertainment Earth. Ships in September:


  1. Cute stuff! But they need more women's size shirts! It's not fair anytime I want a megaman shirt I gotta search for a men's small and even then it's a little too big. Make a few women's shirts capcom!
    Also that hoodie scarf is so cute! And I don't use tumblers too often, but that's pretty cool too :)

  2. No thanks. A new game would be nice.

    1. Bitter much? I want a new game too but last I checked Great Eastern Entertainment doesn't make games so why would you expect it from them?

    2. No, I am expect the new game from Capcom.

    3. We haven't had a new game since 2010's MegaMan 10 in the US. It's been 6 years now, I'm sure Capcom knows people want a game. No need to still whine about it. A game will come when it comes. Sadly it'll probably be a game on that new lame cartoon but a new games a new game. At that point people will get a new game & still will whine like when Xover came out.

  3. A snood is a scarf-hoodie hybrid thing that you wrap around your head (like a scarf) but at the end of them, have pockets to stick your hands in. So you can wear the (really goofy looking) megaman hood while you got your hands in a pocket that makes it looks like a mega buster.

  4. Hey! I have that mug - I picked it up at an HMV here in Canada. its my go to mug now.
    I want that towel and snood. so bad.

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