Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Art of Ryo Takamisaki - From Net Navis to Demon Girls

For fans and collectors of Mega Man artwork, I thought I'd introduce you to a great source of Ryo Takamisaki material. Having written and illustrated both Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force manga adaptations from 2001 to 2008, Takamisaki's archives contain a wealth of Mega Man content.

R.T Works is Takamisaki's legacy Twitter account, home to archival pieces from his work on Battle Network and Star Force. You'll find original hi-res art, concept material and rare promotional assets from the good 'ol days. Updates are posted regularly.

His personal Twitter account, takamisakiryou, mostly plays host to new artwork based on Battle Network, Star Force and other properties. There's some older pieces in there, too, but new stuff is on-going. He has been known to take requests, too!

I'd like to note that both accounts stray on the NSFW side. Takamisaki's most recent work, The Age of Demons, is pretty heavy on fan-service. Despite being published in the pages of Coro Coro Comics - an elementary school targeted magazine - Takamisaki isn't one to shy away from suggestive curves and innuendo.

With any luck Takamisaki will be back to penning Mega Man (officially) in the years to come. We miss you, man!


  1. EXE... (tears, TEARS)

    Such an awesome series.

  2. Uh... I have to ask, which one of the Battle Network mangas are we talking about? The battle story or the NT warrior?

    1. Hey, Protodude!Check out this Mega Man video that I made as a project for class. I'm sure the Mega Man community will love it! Thanks and God Bless!

  3. I really like the coloring style of the bottom image there.

  4. I would have loved to see this dude get to produce manga for the entire Star Force trilogy rather than a small part of 3, I loved his mangas as a kid. Still it's great to know he's still active.


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