Thursday, December 10, 2015

Check Out the Mega Man 3DS Themes in Action

Your home menu will soon be megafied! For your consideration, here are the two themes you get when you purchase Mega Man Legacy Collection for Nintendo 3DS. Jump to 2:52 to see them in action.

FYI, download codes for the themes come bundled with both the standard and collector's edition. No news if or when you'll find them on the eShop standalone.

Thanks for the tip, Jasper!


  1. Hey Protodude, pretty sure you meant 2:52 : )

    Thanks for all your hard work on this site, btw. You've been keeping this up for years and it's pretty amazing.

    1. Yeah, hopefully he'll be rewarded with more juicy Mega Man news to report on next year. It's been a pretty awful draught lately.

    2. 'Check Out the Mega Man 3DS Themes'

      And with that I have new found respect for Protodude's dedication for this series and its clearly crappy year of content.

  2. Are we getting these themes overseas?

  3. I'll be adding these of the pile of "themes that look cool even though I wish they had different music." I mean, I know Mega Man games have a wealth of great music to choose from, but if you're gonna go the "Stage Select" route, I think MM3's music would have been a much better choice.

  4. Huh.

    Homebrew people have had this theme available for months now.

    And yeah, they're both kinda crap. There's fanmade MegaMan/Rockman themes that are a hundred times better.

  5. I like this simply because they didn't resort to the over-used Mega Man 2 soundtrack. Yeah, the themes could be better, but it's refreshing for a change to hear other tunes.

  6. Oh look it's the mega man 4 beta boss select screen. Using the frames from the mega man 1 boss select.


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