Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mega Man: The Board Game Shipping Soon (Updated)

Did you back Jasco Games' officially-licensed Mega Man board game? Keep an eye on that mailbox: your copy is due to arrive soon.

Finalized copies are due to hit Jasco's warehouse later today, the company announced. Soon after, their warehouse will begin to ship orders directly to backers. Shipments will include the base game and any add-ons you may have opted for.

Customs are really cutting it close with this one, mind you. Chances are slim to none you'll receive your copy before year's end. Depending on where in North America you live, the next two weeks sound like a very promising window.

UPDATE: If you have any final address changes for your order, send them to shane@jascogames.com by midnight tomorrow night. All orders will ship immediately after thatdeadline.

Source: Jasco Games


  1. Damn that art is beautiful.

  2. I hope this will be available to those of us that didn't back it eventually

    1. Absolutely. It's coming to stores later in the year

    2. Jasco has Pre-Orders for it on their website, That's how I was able to get it. And I didn't back the Project (Even though I really wanted to).

  3. Forgot about this.

  4. Its been so long! Just like every kick starter I back :P

  5. Finally! A NEW game that isn't a re-re-re-release! Not a video game, but a game nonetheless. Wonder how the game itself will be.
    And miniatures! ;P

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