Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It Looks Like Those Kidrobot Figures are Actually Happening

If these listings from Entertainment Earth are anything to go by, Kidrobot's 7-inch Mega Man and Proto Man figures aren't dead after all. Not only do we have our first look at the actual figures, we've got a new release window, too: April! Pending official word from Kidrobot, though, we can't say if this is the final date.

In any case, pre-orders are live. Mega Man here, Proto Man here.

Thanks for the tip, Ryan!


  1. I understand they aren't exactly small standing at seven inches but maaan, $45+? I dunno...seems a bit high to me for what it is. They do look like really solid novelty figures though.

  2. 45 dollars for a sculpt that's less than amiibo quality and costs as much as a D arts? Get the fugg outta here kid robot

    1. Well IDK if I would say that the amiibo figures are higher quality than this. The paint job on them isn't that great and some of them do look kinda flimsy. But then again, there's no telling if these figures will even look half as decent either as the picture up there. But yeah that's pretty expensive for something like this.

  3. The price is insane and the sculpt is not that good, for a little more you can get the gigantic classic or X statues from Japan and they are not only bigger but better looking,

  4. It's a shame that they cancelled the blind box set of figures, I would have collected those. As it is, these ones are expensive, and Megaman has a really weird looking face :P
    It's nice to see that they didn't abandon their Megaman series totally, though

  5. I never heard anything about the 7-inch figures being cancelled. The more desireable mini figures were cancelled.
    This was more or less confirmed back in November. -->

  6. I personally don't think they are ugly, but they don't look like they are worth the price. I know Kidrobot has been struggling financially and making the mini figures would have been more costly, but judging from what I've read in all sorts of comment sections regarding these figures, they really should have gone with the miniatures as I'm sure those would have been much more popular and less costly. =\


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