Friday, March 20, 2015

Grab Mega Man X4 & X5 on the PSN Under a Dollar Flash Sale

Ah, nothing like a nice surprise sale to kick off the weekend! Starting right now, the Under A Dollar Flash Sale is live on PlayStation Network. Among a boatload of titles offered, you can grab Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5 for 84 percent off (normally $5.99 a piece).

Don't sit on this one too long -- the sale ends at 9:00 am PT Monday, March 23rd. You can see the full lineup of games on the PlayStation Blog.


  1. 96 percent off would make it $0.24. They're 84 percent off.

    Looks like it's US only, unfortunately. Actually, I'm not sure X4 and X5 are even on the European PSN to begin with?

    1. Only takes 5 minutes to setup a U.S. PSN account & get a points card off of Ebay, even more worth it if you live in Europe/UK since games are technically cheaper + there are more games available & you get the benefits of these flash sales.

  2. That would be cool, if I owned a PS3 or above. Or, you know, if I didn't already own the X Collection. This is an excellent opportunity for people who don't own a Wii U to experience the Mega Man X games.

  3. No thanks. I prefer to buy Megaman X4 and Megaman X5 physical dics such as artwork manual, disc, and box. Its a quite nice to collection than psn as digital ones. I do not mind PSN like Rockman 9 and 10 but those that were already available on discs as artwork manual, disc, box or a cart should look somewhere else like on Ebay. I know at Ebay might be expensive but it wont hurt to look. You never know that you might have a cheap price. :) Sorry about my English.


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