Sunday, March 29, 2015

Here's the New Trailer for the 3D Battle Network Fan Game

It's been a little while since we last heard from the folks over at Team MMBN3D about their Mega Man Battle Network project. But now the game is taking shape, and there's a new trailer out to get you pumped for the concept. Check it out!

If you're interested in following the game's progress, you can do so by subscribing to their YouTube channel, or following them on Tumblr and Twitter.


  1. Gotta be honest... This looks incredibly simplistic, both in terms of presentation and style. Kind of reminds me of early 2D Mega Man fan games in a lot of ways...

    1. At least, it's not just a 2D pixel fangame with modified sprites like a lot of people do..... You havent tried the game, you can't know, we will see when it will be released.
      And making 3D animations looks pretty hard, im happy see an other way to make a megaman game (not only 8 bit thing, please.)

    2. Seriously, you have tried the game? No, and you judge it "incredibly simplistic" ? Wait the game please.....he told me, some netnavis will be playable, maybe in v2 or v1, we dont know, the idea is pretty good, i like it....The game can be short...or not, we will see, i can see a good potential in this game, i will support and help it ! (bored with juste RPGmaker guys who just modify the sprites......
      At least it looks more official than some others fangames.....There is a real work (with the 3D).
      When i see Rockman Xover...buaaark

    3. Do you two work on the game or something? What he said was completely accurate. The game looks incredibly simplistic. They didn't bother remaking the backgrounds, MegaMan.exe has very little animations compared to literally every other model in the game so far, and the game seems to be a series of battles from a stage select screen. You are allowed to judge things based off a trailer, as it is meant to gain your interest. I doubt you two have played it either, yet you seem to believe that you are more correct than him simply because it isn't another 2D fangame.

      The game isn't done yet, so we will see how it turns out. As of right now it doesn't seem to have a lot going for it other than it being in 3D.

    4. Im a fan of Rockman EXE 4.5, if there is a lot of battles, it wont be a problem for me (specially if we can play with some netnavis).
      If the game is short, it could be too bad, im just scared by the time to "finish/enjoy" the game.
      I played a lot Rockman EXE 4.5 because you can use a lot of method to finish it and re-play it.
      Also, the animations are not that bad, just some of them could use more animations, it's not really so different from the original games..... I would want maybe a vulcan animation who has more frame, but not like if all the animations need to be better, the metools or bunny' animations are pretty good.
      EXE is not only "story RPG" for me, it's some fun battle you can re-do too :)

    5. I like how the immediate response to my criticism is "Have you played it? No? Then STFU. You know nothing!".

      It's like, what? You can't make observations with your eyes anymore?

    6. Yes i can, and for me, it doesnt look bad, i like the point of the game and the 3D style (even if it needs some frames more, maybe).
      Just saying it's bad bad bad, is not a good idea, always easier to do a easy criticism than to help.....Well, people are not diplomate so yeah....

  2. Even if some animations need to have maybe more sprits/frame, i like a lot the idea of this game !!!
    A battle game themed (like rockman exe 4.5 but different!) Yeah, and the best, in 3D kind of bored about pixel pixel 8 bit fanboys...MM9 and 10 are very good but if some fangames use a better engine than RPGmaker , it can be good!

  3. Interesting, but definitely needs polish.

  4. Looks pretty neat, though a bit rough around the edges.

    This sort of thing always made me wonder. When people finish these fan games that they put all this time and effort into, what do they do with everything the created afterwards? Just hang on to it?

  5. This game needs an animation and a speed boost, maybe some good original sound tracks. Other than that It looks fine to me as a fan game. I love BN so yeah, good on them to do this.

  6. The idea behind having a MMBN game made with full 3D graphics is nice, but if it's just used to emulate the exact way that sprites looked, it seems like a missed opportunity. Especially since some of those poses and animations don't look as good when translated to 3D.

    Hopefully this trailer is just a early look at how far they've come, not a glimpse of how far they plan to go.

  7. People, he is only to work on it and he has a limited program, he is not like in a team of professionnal who work with some professionnal program (like Capcom who can make Rockman X Over, lol....) It's always better than a fangame who reuse just the sprite like some fangame with Rpgmaker or others; are rudes..... and you know, maybe with time, he can make it better and better with V2, V3 and others (he wanted add more playable netnavis and others stuff), so if you kill his hype for his game, you wont have anything at all.
    Seriously...i understand why capcom doesnt want make a new megaman game, it's a part of the problem....megaman fanboy doesnt know what they want!


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