Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Mega Buster Replica is Now Available to Own

First announced in June, ThinkGeek's officially licensed Mega Buster replica is now on sale. That's right, you can have your very own ambidextrous (non solar-powered) arm cannon for a cool $79.99.

What do you get for your money? Well, it fits on your right or left hand, with light and sound effects straight from the classic series. Quickly pull on the trigger for a single fire sound; hold it down for a charged shot and watch the power meter fill!

Those interested can pick one up from ThinkGeek while supplies last. As an FYI, this is on my holiday wish list. Hint hint.


  1. need to cry;...i will wait a new [GOOD] game in my cave. lel
    Useless toys....even with lights, pretty expensive.

  2. For those in Europe wishing to avoid ThinkGeek's high shipping prices, these will also be available from Gamerabilia around February/March:

  3. WAS looking ok to me hntil I saw the price...
    A regular game is cheaper...

  4. What a bored. Waste money.

  5. "Another MegaMan toy and not a game... Well, time to go kill myself again."

    1. I can't tell if you're actually serious, or if that's a jab at a certain group of fans. XD regardless, why is everyone so hateful about this thing? When we were getting good games, such as Zero 4, ZX, X8, the only buster toy out there was Jazwares X-Buster, and it wasn't...Well, it wasnt quite as impressive as this! It IS a bit expensive, but man, it's a nice buy! Think of how much it might be worth someday! I mean, look at the Power Rangers Legacy line! $80.00 for a Dragon Dagger or Dragonzord? (I have both. I'm hopeless. XD) I think this thing's cool! And I think the folks that created this thing were just trying to show a little love to the series.

  6. I rather have a toy then another dumb book or soundtrack people drool over. Those things are a waste of money to me. This buster is pretty awesome and I'm definitely going to buy one.


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