Monday, December 29, 2014

Game Boy Mega Man III Prototypes Hit eBay

Thanks to a tip from our friend RockX, we have word that there are currently a pair of auctions on eBay for two Game Boy Mega Man III prototypes. Before you get too excited, we're pretty confident these hold little difference from the final game we're familiar with. Even so, it's not every day we see something like this on the auction block.

The first prototype is noteworthy in that it displays "SAMPLE" text on the title screen. You can see it in action here. My guess is this is a retail or trade show demo. The second prototype is clearly labeled as "Mega Man III (Final)." This one is most likely the final version, lacking the "SAMPLE" designation.

If you're interested in adding one or two unique Mega Man items to your collection, check these guys out in the links above. Bring Zenny.

Thanks, RockX!

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  1. I really hope whoever bought them dumped the ROM (seriously someone please dump these ROMs it'd be great to play them)


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