Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weil's Numbers Make the Best Custom Model Kits

When Kotobukiya doesn't deliver, fans are more than willing to pick up the slack. That seems to be the message being delivered loud and clear with a pair of truly fantastic model kits of Devilbat Schilt (Hellbat to our friends in Europe and Japan) and Childre Inatabitta. These bad boys hail from Mega Man Zero 3's Eight Gentle Judges, aka "Weil's Numbers." Pretty authentic, wouldn't you say?

Both kits made their debut at the Summer Wonder Festival a short while back, but it looks like you can't grab them so easily. Yahoo! Auctions Japan is a good place to start (bring some dough). Nevertheless, there's plenty of photos to admire of both kits on FG. Hit the links above for more!

It's stuff like this that really makes me wish Kotobukiya continued their Mega Man Zero line. Zero series aesthetics look great in plastic, after all.


  1. WOW! Finally these kits get attention! I've known about these WAY before the festival happened. And I have to 100% fully agree, fans put more effort than any big company can. I mean LOOK at these! Can you believe these were made from scratch! Pure mind and bare hands! I truly applause the sculptor of these! I truly do. And yes, these are VERY HARD TO GET! But luckly, I got mine own set, both Devilbat Schilt and Childre Inatabitta. Muahahahahahaha! Oh boy... its going to be a lot of work to build them, especially since the sculptor didn't include a instruction sheet! But still, I'm honored to have these in my collection. :)

  2. I love the flat-paint on these, some models tend to have this high-gloss paint that sometimes distracts craftsmanship.

  3. I'd love to see more like this. Wouldn't mind a Sol Titania model if they made one...

    1. That would be sweet. Also a Kuwagust Anchus would be welcomed.

  4. Inatabitta? I thought it was Inarabitta?


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