Monday, August 26, 2013

Mega Man Preview Page from Capcom Character Encyclopedia

By way of Amazon UK, here's a sneak peek of Mega Man's profile from the upcoming Capcom Character Encyclopedia. Everything looks to be in order... except that "last appearance" tidbit. Classic Mega Man didn't appear in Project X Zone (that honor went to Mega Man X). It's a minor error, one that could easily be recified before the book hits the printers. Let's just hope someone from Brady Games is reading this post!

The Capcom Character Encyclopedia is due out this October. It's 208-pages in length, so we can probably expect a few more Mega Man-related profiles in there somewhere. Those interested can preorder it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the discount price of $10.19 US.

Source: Amazon UK


  1. Not a bad price for 208 pages. It just bothers me that in this day and age MM and X still get mixed up. I guess it all comes down to that brand confusion, huh?

  2. Even then, his most recent "game" appearance is in Street Fighter x All Capcom and if not that or Smash Wii U/3DS due to them not having been released yet...........Sigh than Rockman X-Over I guess. Know what? If it leads to that, I'm cool with the Project x Zone error. It's what I like to call a proper mistake.


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