Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feast Your Eyes on the Proto Man UFS Set

Care to sneak a peek at what's inside the Proto Man Universal Fighting System tin? A one Syclic managed to scan the entire set following Gen Con, viewable at this Imgur gallery here. What's more, he's taken the liberty of cataloging everything there is, card by card (character, attacks, foundations). Read on for the complete list.

2x Protoman
1x Big Bang Strike
4x Charged Proto Buster
3x Dashing Shield Bash
4x Proto Buster
2x Proto Strike
4x Rapid Proto Buster

2x Aerial Defense
4x Always Watching
4x Flawed Energy Core
4x Forgotten
4x Gentle Soul
4x In the Nick of Time
4x Lone Wanderer
3x On Borrowed Time
1x Prototype
3x Reason for Existence
2x Rejecting Family
2x Repaired by Dr. Wily
3x Unknown Motives
60 cards:
2 Characters
18 Attacks
40 Foundations

Well there you have it. Though Gen Con may be over, Jasco still has quite a few announcements to make about the Mega Man UFS sets in the very near future. Until then, stay tuned.

Thanks, Boco!


  1. I like how some of the cards use official artwork for the robot masters, and the rest from the comics. =P Though I guess it makes enough sense to use artwork from the Archie Comics. Can't really expect them to hire specific artists to do art for certain cards, unlike the Pokemon TCG. Though that would have been neat.

    Also forgive me since I don't actually read the Archie Comics, but why is Protoman's helmet lacking the white marking in certain cards?

    1. The marking-less helmet is the one he wore during that field test in his origin story, before he ran off.

  2. BTW here are the 20 cards from the Megaman deck, courtesy of ShadowDragon
    No news on how many copies of each card though.

    The Megaman cards are 1-20, Protoman is 21-40, and the boosters draw from cards 41-75. Megaman comes with Bombman, Elecman, Iceman, and Protoman comes with Fireman, Gutsman, Cutman.

  3. I'm really looking forward to them releasing these cards and the board game! Even though they are using artwork that has been seen before, at least they are choosing good artwork. :D I cannot complain about that!

  4. I wonder if the Character cards for MegaMan and Protoman are holo/foil cards, too.

    Maybe it's from all the YuGiOh TCG and Pokemon TCG I've played throughout the years, but I love a deck with a lot of bling to it.

  5. I can't help but feel these cards are fan-made, maybe it's because of them using the Archie comic artwork. They even look like they were lifted straight from the comics panels.

    1. You know, I was going to say "dat recycled Archie art" but I think your comment does a better job.


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