Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pew! Pew! Looking Back at Jazwares' X-Buster Toy

Nightram56 of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum (a nirvana of video game goodies and trinkets) shows off the elusive Mega Man X X-Buster toy from Jazwares. The product is notorious for its poor distribution throughout North America, making it one of, if not the rarest Mega Man product produced by Jazwares.

Aside from glaring packaging inconsistencies, the product itself seems pretty sturdy. Maybe not as high quality as Mattel's similar NT Warrior Mega Buster toy, but it gets the job done. And to answer Nightram56's closing inquiry, yes: Jazwares was working on a classic series variant, seen here. Concurrently, a MMX roleplay helmet was also on the burner. Nothing became of them, however.

The X-Buster is as rare as they come, so the best advice I can give is keep a close eye on Ebay. Best of luck!


  1. theres also a video to the prototype jazzwares stuff

    Its as if fate itself has it out for the legends series

  2. While that huge logo on the side of the Buster turned me off at first, now I regret passing up on this little product.

  3. Nice ^_^ I still own 2 of these in box, Got them way back at a K*B Toys. I think I actually have a pic or 2 of it up on my Capcom-unity page. Big X series fan!

  4. Man I can't believe it's rare! I've got one myself, bought it at Kaybee too...And..Uh..I woulda sold it on ebay had I not cut the middle out of it so I could fit my hand through Megaman style..Uh..Whoops. It's still awesome, though, just with a little tear on the side. Man, I really can't believe it's rare. Thanks for the fill in, Protodude. You're the best!

  5. Wooww! that X helmet is pretty cool, but yeah the giant logo on the buster is kinda ugly...

  6. Someone needs to tell this guy the diorama sets did indeed come out. I saw them at my local Big Lots for 10 each. But that was years ago and I doubt I would be able to find them now.


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