Saturday, February 11, 2012

D-Arts Vile Available For Pre-order

If you've been eagerly looking forward to Bandai's D-Arts Vile figure, then you can go ahead and pre-order it now. Big Bad Toy Store is now offering pre-orders at $49.99, due to ship out in June. Having not been officially confirmed by Bandai/Bluefie, however, "June" is likely a tentative date and subject to change at a moments notice.

So, if you've got some Zenny left from your recent Zero Type 2 pre-order, hop on over to BBTS and secure your Vile!

Thanks for the tip, Rick!


  1. Here's hoping it shows up on Amazon.

  2. Still hate that this is a web exclusive in Japan :/
    It's going to make this very expensive...

  3. Vile has been secured, Master Protodude.

  4. oh mann, I want Vile ..even though I dont exactly know the character well .. shipping from the US is so expensive T___T


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