Friday, August 20, 2010

Rockman Complete Works Fan-Translation In The Works

Several years ago, Japan was graced with a line of classic series re-releases on the original PlayStation under the label Rockman Complete Works. Contrary to popular belief, the Complete Works games did, in fact, make their way to the U.S, going on to form the core of 2004's Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Unfortunately, MMAC stripped down most of what made the Complete Works games so neat; numerous modes and extras such as unlockable art, an enemy encyclopedia and the famous PockeStation features. Fortunately, English speaking fans may yet have a chance to enjoy the Complete Works games in their entirety.

Henger83 has announced, via a series of YouTube videos, is currently hard at work at translating the Complete Works version of Rockman 1, along with the aid of a fellow Japanese gamer. The project is in the early phases, but is already making steady progress.

Check out more in-depth details after the jump!

The announcement itself:

Status update featuring a preview of the game running in English:

When completed, you'll be able to play the game on a PSone, PS2 and even the PSP. Naturally, you're systems will require modification or the ability to play backups... don't ask; Google is your friend.

Hopefully all goes well with this and perhaps we'll be seeing the five other Complete Works game sin English. For future updates on the project, keep an eye on Hanger's YouTube channel.


  1. Excellent. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Do want! I remember translating those menus was the first interest I had in learning Japanese.

  3. Personally, it doesn't interest me too much since I'm perfectly fine with my Anniversary Collection, but this is pretty neat and I look forward to the finished product.

  4. Sounds pretty cool.

    Let's hope it gets finished, cause a lot of translation/hacks lately have been dropped for no reason.

    BTW, the Pic of the Day is mine. :D

  5. Always wanted to see a translation of the databases. Except for MM4, all are available in the web:

  6. Thank goodness I've studied Japanese on my own for the last 3 years. I was able to read most of the original Japanese anyway. The text in this game was made to be able to be read by younger players, so less kanji anyway.

  7. I'm curious about the character map, I wonder how the game points to those as well. Like, does it reference them by number and know automatically where on the map the character lies, or does it give two sets of coordinates to form a rectangle around the character it wants to use...I would guess that it's the former. If that was the case, it'd be pretty easy to change those, as long as you retain the spacing on the map properly. I'd be interested in delving into that a bit myself :)


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