Monday, April 21, 2008

RUMOR: ZX "Extremus" To Be Unveiled At CAPTIVATE '08

I received an e-mail today from PRC reader, "Alzo" who claims to have a "list" of Capcom titles to be shown at Capcom's CAPTIVATE '08 event, in particular a new entry in the ZX series by the name of "ZX Extremus."

The "list" noted that the name Extremus was tentative and is subject to change. Other notable titles on the "list" included a new "Dino Crisis", "Resident Evil 5" and "Street Fighter IV" for the PS3/360 respectively.

CAPTIVATE '08 takes place in Las Vegas this May, and don't forget, members of Capcom Unity have a chance to attend the event.


  1. GUGGHHHH- *seizes up* Could... it be... true...? GGNNNNGG...!

    It even... sounds... cool... urghh..

  2. So now we have ZX3 and Ryuusei 3, interesting

  3. there's no love for the wii???

    come on capcom, give us a damn megaman 9/x9/legends 3! NAO

  4. Well, according to the rumor the name is tentative, so it'll probably change by the time its shown. Either way I'm just hoping ZX simply shows up at Captivate 08.

  5. er...When is this "CAPTIVATE"?

  6. @Zx

    CAPTIVATE is the succesor to Capcom's press day, "Capcom's Gamers Day"

    The event will be open to the public, however only to those who are "worthy" members of Capcom Unity.

    In other words, if Capcom likes your style on their forums, they will choose you to participate in the event.

  7. It's good to have some Rumor than none at all.

    Extremus? Rockman ZX Extremus?

    I'll say Evolution.

    Rockman ZX Evolution sounds more believable than Extremus.

  8. I'm hoping that this isn't just a rumor. I'm praying its real.

  9. WAT!?, this is bullshit capcom!, we want classic megaman, not this shit!

    rumor: Capcom suck ass...

    EDIT: rumor confirmed

  10. Me and My friend LOVE the ZX series. I will BOYCOT CAPCOM if they don't make it!

    P.S. Extremus is a crappy name!

  11. It would be interesting to get a MMZX3, but I think in the end its development will be much like our seeing a MEGA MAN X9. It will largely depend on what fans want and how the sales of ZXA turn out. This is a rumor, of course, but I once read that Capcom would not consider making ZX3 unless ZXA sold 100,000 or more copies worldwide. Although that's a rumor, it probably isn't that far from the truth. Thus, regardless of how well a sequel/prequel may fit the series, I think it will ultimately depend on fan response and the market for one.

  12. Eitherway it goes.... capvom has to think about the next generation of gamers not you selfish chumps.... idk about you all but my kids are gonna grow up playing zx, battle network, and the new starforce... you people are stuck in the past... i see battlenetwork happening foreal in the near future.... pet's exist... wat do u think an i phone is? A personal terminal duhh... id much rather have roll or megaman wake me up rather than siri's boring ass... capcom needs an inovater.... someone who wont be scarred to bring in a new age for the youngins... cause wii u is trash and tge ds is a re occuring gameboy.... its limited... phones do more then thise things.... but let capcom drop an ios integrated pet watch adults and childrens lives change.... follow me on twitter @ nshooligan or instagram at bragohooligan


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