Friday, April 18, 2008

CoA Restocks MHX and MMPU

Seriously, what's up with the recent love for IHX(MHX) and RR(MMPU)?

Following the unexpected sales surge of both titles in Japan, Capcom of America has restocked both MHX and MMPU at their online store--for a limited time.

Reason for the restock? Popular demand.

Chances of sequels increasing? Maybe...

If you did not get a chance to play either one of the games, please, pick them up!


  1. If you won a PSP and do not have either of these two games... you are part of the problem.

  2. As soon as I got my PSP last September, I went hunting for these games.

    Found them for $5 each at the K-mart Bargin bin in town, bought them and never looked back.

    I love both games, I have every MM game in Cartridge and the rereleased "Collections" format. I just wish Capcom with package or repackage the MMs with a cohesive plot so we know the missing parts like what happened to MegaMan etc.


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