Monday, April 7, 2008

"MegaMan Scramble Battle" Does Not Exist?

Remember "MegaMan Scramble Battle"? You know, the supposed Wii Action RPG title?

According to Capcom of America's staff, the title does not exist.

Huh? Wha?

Sven, VP of strategic planning and Lost, forum admin, briefly mentioned on the Capcom BBS that the title does not exist nor have they ever heard of it before.

So, what's going on?

Attention was brought to"MMSB" when a supposed “leaked” retailer list went live on the net. The list showed an array of unannounced Capcom titles, including but not limited to MegaMan Scramble Battle.

It's possible the title might have ceased development or could have been pushed back to a later date, but, this is not the case. Capcom flat out denied its existence. However, I have my suspensions that Capcom is making a cover up.

Let's take a peek at the "leaked" list shall we?



Devil Kings 3

Mega Man Scramble Battle

Moto GP 08

We Love Golf

Zack & Wiki 2


Ace Attorney 3

Ghost & Spy

Horror Adventure

Mega Man Star Force 2 sku 1

Mega Man ZX Advent

X-Box 360:

Bionic Commando

Black Cloud

Moto GP 08

Resident Evil 5

Street Fighter 4


Bionic Commando

Lost Planet Colonies

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Moto GP 08

Resident Evil 5

Street Fighter 4

Several titles on the said leaked retail list (leaked four months ago) have just recently been announced:

Bionic Commando, Zack & Wiki's UK release, We Love Golf's US release, and Moto GP '08 and a few others.

It would appear that the list is legit, so there is a chance that MMSB does indeed exist, and Capcom is only denying it for the time being.

One thing is for sure; A Wii Rockman title has been in development.

The evidence:

-Capcom rep at the Rockman 20th Anniversary event confirmed the title was in development, no specifics.

-Industry rumor girl, Surfer Girl confirmed the Wii title exists, although it lacks quality. Supposedly, it is an Original series title.

-Inafune has expressed an interest of bringing the series to the Wii.

-It was announced one year ago that Inafune was working on a Wii title that has yet be be revealed. Possible a RM title

Until the day we actually get a press release concerning a Wii title of some sort, don't get your hopes up.

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