Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lol, Are You Serious?

No, HeatGuts Style Rockman did not get his own show. What your looking at is the saddest rip off of Rockman yet: "Eon Kid"

“The story centers around Marty, an enterprising kid who deals in scrap robot parts. One day he stumbles upon the ancient Fist of Eon. Unexpectedly, the Fist attaches itself to Marty's arm, endowing him with unknown fighting powers and at the same time putting him at the heart of a centuries-old struggle between good and evil. Marty soon realizes that fist attaches to him because he is the descendant of the Eon clan.”

YouTube user, Flyingtreecko789 , summed it up best:

“eon kid is just some cheap $2 bugeted rip off of megaman I mean seriously human turns into robot (megaman) has robot friends has robot dog (rush) fights evil robots and has some human girl who helps some how (roll)"

I lol'd.

As a bonus, I give you the action packed opening:


  1. I knew you'd get around to this someday. when I seen this i wondered if the person that created this show even tried to be original.well i guess it doesn't matter because everyone's favorite blue bomber will always beat the the knock-offs.

  2. Man, that was terrible, but I lol'd

  3. Did I see Proto in there..? And HEY, there's Zero! Or Zero and Dante's bizzare lovechild!

    What horrid voice acting.

  4. FlashMan of ELB here.

    That is seriously some of the most jerky 3D animation I have ever seen. ACTION MAN was smoother than that was.

    I'm honestly insulted. I can't wait to see how poorly that show bombs in the ratings. XD (Sad part is, today's kids will probably gobble it up...)

  5. Damn, this has got to be the biggest rip off I've ever seen. Also, in the first video, is it just me, or did that robot look similar to Gutsman?

  6. major rip-off.... i doubt it'll last a season.. doesn't even look all that appealing either.

  7. You all we right.
    Of the 26 episodes in the series the US only saw 21/22 before the series was replaced by Spiderman and Batman, In March 08.

    It is dead as of now.


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