Saturday, March 22, 2008

ZX Manga Says Goodbye

Although I cannot confirm it personally, a source of mine has told me that the Rockman ZX Advent manga serialized within the Famitsu DS+Wii magazine, has ran its course.

So, now we are officially "ZX-less" on all bases!

What a shame.


  1. I can confirm it, the ZXA manga ends in the chapter 8, thanks god because is awful.

  2. So the ZX and ZXA manga are over now? Wow, only 8 chapters?

    All I know about the ZXA manga is that it has both Grey and Ashe and Model A is a raging pervert for some random reason. Dunno about the story, but the art was good.

  3. Well...Chapter 8 of volume 2, 16 chapters total, I'll partially agree with telos, the translation is bad, the original Japanese is so much better.

    PS, I got those vibes from the game too...

  4. .please..tell me...where is megaman zx advent comic or manga....?! (:) ):( <:> >:<


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