Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rockman Rockman: Selling Like Hotcakes?

This is weird. Very weird.

According to U-Capcom's sales charts, the commercial failure, "Rockman Rockman," has shot up to number three of the highest selling games at E-Capcom in the past month.

Ahead of RR is the ever popular "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G" and an adorable puppy game. ("One Style Anywhere Tame?")

And just below RR is-Devil May Cry 4? WTH? Seriously. RR is outselling one of Capcom's biggest games of the year.

RR has been absent from sales charts for a couple of years, so why the sudden surge of sales?

My guess is that the PSP is finally starting to catch on in Japan. With the slimmer design and cheaper price tag, gamers are actually starting to notice the console exists.

So, will this actually help chances of a Rockman Rockman 2? Who knows!


  1. Rockman Rockman over-selling Devil May Cry 4? Wow! Thats definitely unexpected.

  2. I totally thought you were just joking there (checked the calendar just to make sure it wasn't April Fools' Day). But then I checked the site. That's INSANE! How could a Rockman game come back from the grave and beat out Capcom's latest blockbuster in... anything?

    Are these the sales for February or what? I'm curious to see what the actual numbers are now... And is Rockman Rockman still going for 5040 yen? Craziness.

    But this is one thing I like about Japanese gamers. They seem like they're perfectly willing to pick up older stuff, whereas American gamers always seem to only care about the newest stuff on the market.

  3. Go little blue dude and get another game on the PSP^_^.anyways the fact the Rockman Rockman is selling more than Devil May Cry 4 is so..... wierd but awsome non the less. I really hope there will be a Rockman Rockman 2.

  4. this is all because of the slim PSP being harder to mod


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