Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Dairies of Netto Kun

Although Netto is long gone (R.I.P my man), his adventures continue within "Netto's Diary", a series of items found within Ryuusei no Rockman 2, filling us in on his happenings after the events of EXE 6.

Tonight for your viewing pleasure, are the complete diary entries in english!
(Thanks Josu!)

January XX

"Today was the Akihara Elementary school class reunion , after graduation, we were all seems like time passed in an instant. My old friend Dekao was elected mayor while still young, he is quite distinguished. Also, Yaito is flying all over the world as a female president. I won't be defeated by those two, I will become a great scientist!”

March XX

“Because Enzan is returning to Japan for the first time in ages, I said I will welcome him at the airport. He is being commended by the government for his activities as an international official netbattler. Therefore, this is a big event. When that guy is glad, he sure doesn't show it, "I do not work in to be praised, therefore I'm not especially proud of anything" That cool attitude from old times hasn't changed at all.”

July XX

"Akihara elementary school was rebuilt, it has become so high-tech now. As the nostalgic school building becomes impossible to see, I think I'm a bit lonely. Oh right! A building is vanishing in the distance, it seems that the Higureya will be lost soon. It is going to be crushed. I heard it was being transferred. It seems there will be a new 10 floor store with the changed name Higure Department store opening. People will definately gather at the opening ceremonies.”

May XX

"Thought I'd buy a PET for my son Raito because he's getting bigger. My wife Meiru said 'is it too soon?' The installed Net Navi was named Rockman Jr. My navi is Rockman and Meiru's navi is called Roll, a program combining the best qualities of both net navis. Raito was quite happy "I'm going to become the #1 netbattler in the world!" It is good for a father to see a son do that kind of growth."

November XX

"There was a meeting held at the science bureau and I brought up the hot topic "bond theory". In the old days, Rockman and I fought for our lives together, besides that, a miraculous, rare power can be born between two people. This power is what made me start thinking about this theory. I was thinking, Although bonds are not totally out of the question, sometimes people don't believe such power can be demonstrated. To summerize it as a theory、 I'm wondering whether it can be helpful to the world. Perhaps it won't even be completed during my lifetime. but... I think I want to bequeth something to the people living in the future. So... Everything for the future!"


  1. Whoa, they put those in the game? Cool! It's nice that you get some more closure regarding the MMBN series. And aww... it's kinda cute, too. Rockman Jr. XD

    Funny how I just picked up the last volume of Mega Man NT Warrior yesterday, too. I have to say, this is the only Mega Man series that's been able to get really good closure.

  2. Huh? There have a diary of Netto-kun in RnR2? Rockman Jr. sounds cute.

  3. Holy cow I never knew this existed!


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