Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rockman EXE and Dragon Poker Collaboration Announced

Capcom and Asobism are teaming up for a special Rockman EXE and Dragon Poker collaboration. Starting March 26th through April 9th, Rockman EXE characters will begin appearing in Dragon Poker a mobile poker-based role-playing game. Wait till you see all the new artwork commissioned for the event...

There are fifteen EXE series characters to collect throughout the campaign: Rockman.EXE and Netto, Blues.EXE and Enzan, Roll.EXE and Meiru, Toad Man.EXE and Kero, Forte.EXE, Plant Man.EXE, Flame Man.EXE, Bubble Man.EXE and Alpha. Bug Style and Shadow Style Rockman.EXE are available as separate drops, too, in addition to a Serenade-inspired version of Dragon Poker character Machicica.

Dragon Poker is currently available in Japanese through the Google Play Store and App Store. The language barrier here isn't too tricky so go ahead and give it a download if you're curious. If nothing else, you gotta admire all this new art commissioned for the event. Always good to see new EXE stuff!

Source: Dragon Poker


  1. Kinda wanted Punk in this event as it's mostly centered around BN3 but nonetheless, this art is awesome

  2. The new art looks nice, but I really couldn't care less about mobage collaborations

  3. Emailed you back :)

  4. Question is this Dragon Poker game the same one with an english release called Dragon Ace or Dragon Sea? They had a Poker RPG theme to them too.

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