Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mega Man 2 Plug and Play Gameplay & Review

Want to know more about that random Mega Man 2 plug and play unit that quietly hit Walmart shelves last week? John Riggs has provided us with the above video review, which goes over all of the details and features. Is it worth your hard earned Zenny? Well, let's just say there are better ways to play Mega Man 2. Much better ways.

Now, if you want to pick this up for the hell of it (let's be real, obscure Mega Man stuff is great to collect), you should check in with your local Walmart. This unit cannot be purchased online, though you can see if your store has it in stock via Brickseek. Simply change SKU to UPC and type in 840172056463 and enter your zip code.

Thanks to MegaNerdX for the tip!


  1. If the controls didn't suck, it might actually be a cool case for a Pi or something. I hope someone does a tear down of one of these to see what the tech inside is.

  2. I dunno, man. My "lowest" expectations were, like… having the game play like a cell phone game; watered-down and miserable. Or, at 30 FPS… sound too high or too low… stuff like that. This looks like a pretty solid emulation. Too bad, about that controller, though.

  3. I got mine and played it a week ago. It's a nifty little thing. Nice custom splash images, although rather glitchy. The buttons aren't really clicky like actual arcade pads, but they do get the job done. Only bad thing for me is the jump and shoot buttons should be reversed, even though the actions are correctly attributed to both A and B. Definitely some graphical glitches, but overall it's playable. Probably just a custom emulation of it. Not the best way to play the game, but a unique one.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I will pass, thought.

  4. The music in this port sounds different. Are the duty cycles reversed as they are with some Famiclones?

  5. I got mine for under 5 bucks so it was worth it for me (unfortunately when you beat alien wily it just cuts to the main menu)


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