Friday, December 8, 2023

Fan-Game "Mega Man Y+1: Operation X.M.A.S" Now Available to Play

Mega Man Y+1: Operation X.M.A.S, a fan-game quietly developed in the last three months from the folks at LM Team, is now available to download

A spin-off of the original Mega Man Y+1, the game features nine original Christmas-themed stages where the objective is to recover your misplaced belongings. From a gingerbread battle station to sunny beaches south of the equator, and even Dr. Wily's chimney! 

Utilize an assortment of six unique Special Weapons to add a festive twist to your battles: initiate snowball skirmishes with "Frosty Sentry," surprise opponents with a re-gift of last year's presents with "Mystery Gift" toss, or join in door-to-door musical showdowns with "Carol Cast". One Special Weapon even includes a special appearance by Santa's reindeer...

You can grab Mega Man Y+1: Operation X.M.A.S from the game's official SFGHQ page here. Follow LM Team on Twitter for updates on Mega Man Y+1, too!


  1. "and even Dr. Wily's chimney!"

    This made me laugh more than it should have. XD

  2. God, the community for megaman is so based


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