Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Mega Man Star Force Crew Returns for "Street Fighter 200" Art

Capcom's official art account, typically dedicated to showcasing archived artwork, pleasantly surprised its followers with something a little different: a fresh piece featuring the reunion of the Mega Man Star Force crew -- Geo, Luna, Zack, Sonia, and Bud (alongside his Taurus Adapter).

The caption for the piece reads, "Street Fighter 200 will be released in the year 220X! Everyone hurry to the store!"

All in all, it's a playful piece with no hidden hints or teases intended. Nevertheless, it's genuinely uplifting to see new Star Force-related art these days. Now, if only we could do something about that watermark...

Source: Capcom_AWT


  1. Aww man and i thought that they would announced a new star force game.

  2. Who pushed Bud like that, lol?

  3. The artstyle is really cute

  4. You can see Solo's arm on the left too, judging by his sleeve pattern.

    1. I see some Servbots and B.B. Hood in the back, too. Perhaps this is all part of a larger image?

    2. You think? BB Hood wasn't a big enough clue?


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