Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Rockman-Themed Pop-Up Shop Heads to LA in March 2024

The Rockman 35th anniversary pop-up shop, which made a brief appearance in Japan last May, is now making its way stateside. Animate has announced that the pop-up shop will be hitting their Los Angeles location in March 2024. While specific dates haven't been disclosed yet, expect that information to come out closer to the New Year.

If you can't make it to LA, fret not! Animate has confirmed that these items will also be available for purchase online. Currently, several Rockman items are up for pre-order on Animate USA's online shop and are slated to be shipped in March 2024. Moreover, customers spending up to $15 on goods will receive one of seven random photo cards (see image on the right for a glimpse).

You can have a look at what's available here. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. so starved of merch that im actually considering it despite the wild prices

  2. Unrelated to the article, but what if Wily did die in 3 and made a robot as a contingency plan? Not related to at all to The Game Theorists, it's something I thought about for decades. Based on the Japanese titles, I wonder if there's a double twist to them. For example: 2's title is "The Mystery of Dr. Wily". The mystery in the title(first twist) is revealed when you reach the final battle that Wily is apparently an alien but then post-battle is revealed(second twist) that Wily was using a machine to make a hologram of himself turning into an alien. What if it's the same in 3? The title is "The End of Dr. Wily!?". Wily is crushed by a block(the same kind of block that knocks out a robot like Rock) but in the number list scene his spaceship is shown flying around somehow surviving that event(first twist). However, what if he didn't survive(second twist)? I think the more ridiculous aspects are the ones that are supposed to be false(him being an alien and him surviving). It may sound like too much but I think Wily is capable of making a humanoid-looking robot with either pre-programmed memories or transferred memories.

    1. The tech for it didn't exist. Wily still exhibits human level thinking and freedom after 3, tech that wouldn't exist until Light created X and Wily created Zero. The best Wily could have done around the time of 3 would be to make Robot Masters similar to the ones he made in MM2, machines bound to their programming directives without true free will.

    2. But what if Wily DID have the technology and kept it a secret. Like he poured most of his resources, intelligence and effort into finding a way to live after death or at least an equivalent and everything else was on a lower priority. I know the X1 internal design document says that Wily died at the same time as Zero was completed however it still could be a robot that reached it's limit or expiration date or was destroyed.


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