Friday, November 10, 2023

Giveaway - Dodecamin "Rockman BIG" Access Codes

We've managed to secure 25 access codes for Rockman BIG, the official collaboration game between Rockman and Japanese energy drink, Dodecamin BIG. While these codes typically come bundled with Dodecamin BIG bottles, given that they are exclusive to Japan, here's your opportunity to try it out.

To enter, simply send an e-mail to RockmanCornerContests@gmail*com (remove the *, of course) with "BIG" in the subject line. Winners will be randomly selected on Monday, November 13th, at 12 PM CST. If you win, I'll hit you up with an access code along with instructions on how to play. Anyone can enter; there are no restrictions here. UPDATE: Submissions are closed. Thank you for participating!

For those unfamiliar, Rockman BIG is a bite-sized browser game that challenges you to defeat Elec Man, Air Man, and "Dodeka Dr. Wily"—an original Wily machine boss character. You'll also get the opportunity to face off against "Dodeka" versions of Elec Man and Air Man, oversized variants that dominate large portions of the screen. As you conquer bosses and tackle challenges, you'll earn Bolts, which can be exchanged for physical prizes.

Currently, we're working on preserving Rockman BIG before it shuts down in January 2024. We'll keep you updated on our progress. In the meantime, enter the giveaway! 


  1. Good luck to everyone who participates!

  2. Replies
    1. how do ya allow comments like these but my comments NEVER get posted this some real bs

  3. Seems like Mega Man's not the only one who got to sample the Super Mushroom from Smash Bros. ; P

  4. As always: please try archiving it, guys.


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