Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Rockman X DiVE Illustration Collection Cover Art and Preview Pages

By way of Amazon Japan, we have our first look at the upcoming Rockman X DiVE artbook. You can find the cover art above (illustrated by none other than Keisuke Mizuno) and a handful of preview pages after the jump below!

You can find additional preview pages from the book's Amazon page here.

As previously reported, books will span 256-pages and includes illustrations, character models, setting images, skill icons, and even  previously unreleased artwork that was originally intended for the game but didn't quite make the final cut. Artwork based on collaboration characters that didn't make it into Rockman X DiVE Offline, such as those from Monster HunterStreet FighterDevil May Cry, will also be featured. Interviews and commentary from the development team will also be featured.

At this time, there are no plans for an English localization. However, our friend at Udon Entertainment, Matt Moylan, is always open to hear your input on books you want to see in North America. Drop a him a line on Twitter!

For now, you can pre-order the book from Amazon Japan or Play Asia.


  1. The cover looks fine but X clearly looks like the odd man out haha.

  2. The cover is just plain adorable!

  3. prometheus art plz!

  4. I still think that there not done with the game,still more character's that they can put in the roster.

    1. Offline has an update coming at some point, Depot records on SteamDB have been showing that they've been working on one since not long after launch. Nonetheless though, we have no real information on what will be in the update. For all we know it could just be bug fixes or more language options added in.

    2. I'd hope they add missing events at least, along with co-op stages somehow, even if only to play them alone
      And maybe fix the translations because they are horrible

    3. "And maybe fix the translations because they are horrible"

      Agreed. I don't know why they can't just get someone to check these things more accurately. No one who speaks English fluently talks the way the machine translation garbage does. Clearly, whoever is in charge of localization is obviously not a native English speaker and just doesn't get it. Some companies really need to take this aspect of mobile games more seriously. It's just not acceptable. I wish there was a way to complain about it to the them directly because the in-game system of bringing up issues is useless.

    4. From what I've heard the localization in the global version is better, but I've never touched it. Assuming this is correct though, makes you wonder why they didn't just use the localization from that since it already exists.

  5. I'm definitely grabbing this book since the game has really nice artwork in it, besides most of the artwork already being online it's nice to have it in book form.


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