Sunday, June 18, 2023

Former Pre-Order DLC for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Purchasable on June 27th

Capcom has announced that the Custom PET Pack for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will be available for purchase starting on June 27th. The content, which was previously exclusive to pre-orders, will now be priced at 200 yen per piece. This pricing has been confirmed for Japan, and an announcement for availability in other regions is expected soon. 

Here's a refresher for what's included:

  • Volume 1: Hub Style 3D MegaMan skin, "Hometown" BGM (Pop Rock Version) and "Shooting Enemy" BGM (Dance Version)
  • Volume 2: Dark MegaMan skin, "Liberation Mission" BGM (Piano Version) and "Central Town" (Kawaii Future Bass Version)

The content will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam from their respective storefronts.


  1. As I recall, the pre-order DLC for Zero/ZX (The Reploid Remixes) was later made free for everyone. A bit odd that they're charging for the pre-order DLC this time.

    1. Specially considering that the entire remixed soundtrack for the collection has 22 songs, and they only include 4..? And the remixes are SO good, too.

      Since this is DLC, I hope it paves the way for bug fixes and maybe even some new additions (bit too much copium?)

  2. Serious question: do people actually sit on the menus with these custom skins and play music? Why? Do you leave it running while you do chores?

  3. It's...Something? I guess you could spend 2 bucks on worse.

  4. on my burfday of all days - very cool!

  5. As some one who preordered and have these already, there really is not much to them.


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