Sunday, January 23, 2022

Absolute Zero, Mega Man Legends Event & Free Pulls Hit Mega Man X DiVE This Week

This week, Mega Man X DiVE sees the arrival of Absolute Zero in the North America server. The Mega Man Legends event finally lands in the EU/LATAM server, too. It comes after its debut in the NA server back in November 2021.

What's more, NebulaJoy are once again going all-out with more free pulls!

Find all the details after the break!

Starting this Wednesday, the capsule with Absolute Zero and the Saber Twin Fangs will be available in the NA server

Absolute Zero's first active skill is Crimson End which performs a forward dash while swinging both claws and damage all targets along the path. You won't take damage when the skill is active.

His second active skills is Calamitous Arts. It damages all targets in range and causes them to become "slow", reducing movement speed. 

If you want to check more detailed information about his skills, you can do it here.

Together with Absolute Zero, a new event with his own stage and purchasable rewards will be available for one week in the NA server. It's called the Core Chip Recycling Campaign

By playing this event and completing some missions, you will get coupons that can later be spent in the store to buy Skip Dive Programs, Skill Points, Proficient Memory Cards, Zenny, Weapon/Chip EXP Programs and memories of the DiVE Triggers Bounce Ball and Flash Bomb.

The stage is rather simple. You will be tackling three rooms with a timer and the goal is to kill waves of enemies to make stronger enemies that carry hidden elements to appear at the bottom of the screen. You need 12 of these hidden elements to get one completion stars.

When it comes to missions, by finishing all the difficulties, you will get EM. By finishing all the difficulties with S rank, you will get coupons but the majority of them come from daily missions.

You have to finish the stage three times every day. But if you have Absolute Zero and the Twin Fangs, you can get even more coupons by completing the stage using them. This stage don't use EP or any online rankings. In other words, when you're done completing all the difficulties with S rank, the only thing you have to do is finish it three times a day.

Starting this Wednesday and for the next two weeks, the Mega Man Legends capsule and the event stage "Air Pirate Servbot" will be available in the EU and LATAM servers.

The level takes place in the Deep Forest area but you'll enter a mine resembling the ones we can explore in the Kattelox Island relatively quickly.

Mega Man Volnutt appears in the area, lured by the rumors of incredible treasures buried in the depths of the forest. He warns RiCO and the player that Air Pirates seem to have set eyes on the treasure too. Together, they venture inside the mine until they meet the Bonne family. What happens next? I'll let you discover it for yourselves!    

When it comes to the gacha, the main attraction is Tron Bonne. Her first active skill is Gustaff, which lets her ride her ride armor and is capable of taking up to 225% damage. When it is active, your weapon will automatically change to Bonne Bazooka and you'll be able to use Beacon Bombs. 

Her second active skill is Lunch Rush which orders the Servbots to charge forward, dealing 170% damage to the target. 

You will be able to get Mega Man Volnutt from the gacha or for free just by playing the event stage. 

For all servers and during one week, the 4-Pickup Popularity banner with two characters and two weapons selected by the community will be available.

The capsule will grant increased odds to get Awakened Zero, Ultimate Armor X and the weapons Nightmare and Destructive Laser. 

You can use your EM to pull from the capsule, buy a 10-pull ticket for $10.99 from the store, or take advantage of the free 20-pulls. 

The first free 10-pull will come from clearing one of the mission in the Core Chip Recycling event where you need to complete difficulty 3 with 3 stars in the NA server and as a login bonus for the EU and LATAM servers. The second free 10-pull will be available on the 7th day login bonus for all servers.

And that's all for this week. Next week the EU and LATAM Servers will continue with the Mega Man Legends event and the NA server will receive a new character!


  1. After I get done with the Monster Hunter Rise event(And I now have both Hunter R and Hunter V, plus the Sword), I'm gonna take a break from spinning the banners for a while, just to let my EMs build up again.


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