Monday, February 8, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - The One About Valentine's Day

While Valentine's Day doesn't officially start until February 14th, denizens of the Deep Log have a head start today with Colonel's Valentines Challenge. An overprotective brother, a passionate fan club and two cute maids awaits you after the break!

The banner with Valentines Day Iris, Valentines Day Ciel and the S rank weapon Heart Spray Gun is already live through February 24 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Let's check out Iris and Ciel's skills first!

Heart Beam

Shoot a huge beam forward, inflicting 66.67% attack damage to targets within range.      

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Explosive Feelings: Range is reduced by 40%, damage rate is increased by 10%.
  • Heart Racing: Damage register accelerated by 20%.


Valentine's Gift

Spawn several chocolates that orbit around you. The chocolates can withstand 129.86% of damage and continuously deal 63.75% damage to targets that come in contact with them.

  • White Chocolate: Applies damage weakened on hit, reducing the target's attack damage by 5.31% and can be stacked up to 4 stacks.
  • Dark Chocolate: Cause the target you hit to be unable to use any skill. This skill can only be used again after 2 seconds.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.

Passive Skills

Mobility: Reduce preparation time for Heart Beam by 20%.

The Most Popular: Accelerate the damage register for Valentine's Gift by 20%.

Hit of Love: Chance to render the target immobile after hitting with Heart Beam.

Iris' Thoughts: When HP is 75% or higher, reduce damage taken by 25%.

Enjoy Together: When HP is below 75%, recover 30% HP. This effect can only be triggered again after 45 seconds.

Chocolate Cyber-elf

Direct the cyber-elf to fly at the target with chocolate, inflicting damage up to 200%.

  • Flight Assistance Device: Range and flight speed increased by 10%.
  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Live to deliver: The skill becomes target-seeking.

Auto Chocolate Factory

Deploy a factory that automatically spawns chocolate and gives enhanced defense when replenishin, chocolate cyber-elves near the factory.

  • DEF Amplification: Increases the effect of DEF enhancement by 20%.
  • Energy Invigoration: Reduce the interval of chocolate replenishment by 20%.
  • Preparing for Confession: When you use the skill, force targets within range to move in front of you and render them unable to use a weapon. This skill only works on players.

Passive Skills

Player Sentinel: When you are attacked by a player, reduce the damage you take by 10%.

None for You: When attacked, there's a chance to summon a cyber-elf by your side. The cyber-elf will automatically lock on to enemy and provide support fire. It will disappear either after making attacks or 5 seconds. *This skill is a summon.

Hit of Love: There's a chance for the chocolate cyber-elf to cause slow on the target, rendering it immobile.

Ciel's Thoughts: When you use Auto Chocolate Factory, gain a shield of invincibility that protects you from all types of damage.

I Said None For You!: Increase the damage multiplier and number of attacks for the cyber-elf summoned when attacked by 20%.

The event is already live through February 21 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

These are the characters that give extra coupons and deal extra damage for the event:

Point Acquisition +40 % & Damage Dealt +40%

  • Valentines Day Iris
  • Valentines Day Ciel
  • Heart Spray Gun

Point Acquisition +20 %

  • Iris
  • Ciel
  • Zero
  • Zero (Z)
  • Elite Lance

Point Acquisition +10 %

  • Massimo
  • Military Buster

Damage Dealt +20 %

  • Iris
  • Ciel
  • Zero
  • Zero (Z)
  • Elite Lance
  • Absolute Zero
  • Twin Fangs

Damage Dealt +10 %

  • Massimo
  • Military Buster

Rewards are the usual stuff again: Zenny, EM, Premium Gift Boxes... you know the drill. As for unique rewards, you can get six units of the "Happy Valentine's Day" card and one Premium Card Pack DX that will give you a random collection of S rank cards.

This event also has an online reward list where you can compete against other players. In terms of rewards, there's nothing worth mentioning.

During the Event, if you reach the amount of points in the list below, you will gain the corresponding rewards.

  • Reach 5000 Event Point to get【Element Metal】x20
  • Reach 14000 Event Point to get【Skip Dive Program】x20
  • Reach 21000 Event Point to get【Element Metal】x50
  • Reach 26000 Event Point to get【Weapon Patch Program】x300
  • Reach 31000 Event Point to get【Element Metal】x100
  • Reach 41000 Event Point to get【Character Patch Program】x150

You have until February 21 at 22:00 (UTC+8) to get points. the rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox before February 26.

The Spring of Good Spirit event continues. For the fourth week, the Spring Chest has changed once again. From today through February 17 at 15:59 at (UTC+8) you can purchase the Premium Spring Chest of Good Fortune using 30 lucky coupons or two Golden Lucky Coupons. 

When you open the chest, you have a 10% chance of receiving one of the following rewards:
  • Leviathan Memory x40
  • Tron Bonne Memory x40
  • Bass.EXE Memory x40
  • Element Metalx3,000
  • Proficient Memory Card x150,000
  • Universal Star Up Card III x1
  • Shock Absorber x225,000
  • Leviathan Memory x20
  • Tron Bonne Memory x20
  • Bass.EXE Memory x20

On top of the daily lucky coupon you get for login, the set of missions to get more coupons has changed too:
  • Correct 800 irregular data. ➔ Lucky Coupon x10
  • Conduct Research 25 Times. ➔ Lucky Coupon x4
  • Complete Race Mode 8 Times. ➔ Lucky Coupon x3
  • [Daily] Use "Zero" and complete Story 1 time. ➔ Lucky Coupon x1
  • [Daily] Use "Marino" and complete Story 1 time. ➔ Lucky Coupon x1

The "Request from Eddie" event is back and lasts until February 17 at 15:59 (UTC+8). 

Same deal as before; we can exchange armor parts for "Eddie's Zenny Buckets" or "Compound Energy Storage Boxes". But now, "Shock Absorber Storage Boxes" has been added which is always needed.

25 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket I - 30,000 to 75,000 Zenny
40 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket II - 48,000 to 120,000 Zenny
60 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket III - 72,000 to 180,000 Zenny

25 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box I - 160 to 400 Compound Energy 
40 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box II - 256 to 640 Compound Energy 
60 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box III - 384 to 960 Compound Energy 

25 Armor Parts ► Shock Absorber Storage Box I - 800 to 2000 Shock Absorbers
40 Armor Parts ► Shock Absorber Storage Box II - 1280 to 3200 Shock Absorbers
60 Armor Parts ► Shock Absorber Storage Box III - 1920 to 4800 Shock Absorbers

The Minesweeper E-cracker event is live now through February 16 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

You can get E-crackers by playing story mode (40 memorabilia items daily/ 50% drop rate) and from Boss challenge (9 memorabilia items daily/100% drop rate).

Later, you can exchange the E-cracker in the store for various items. These include the ones shown in the image above plus Weapon Memory Supply Boxes II, Character Supply Boxes II and a variety of card packs.

And speaking of the shop, from today through February 17 at 15:59 (UTC+8) the Chinese New Year Special Shop is open and you can buy the following item packs for 1990 EM (no paid) each.

  • 【Skill Point】 x800
  • 【Proficient Memory Card】 x160000
  • 【Shock Absorber】 x240000
  • 【Character Patch Program】 x1600(Only available once during event time)
  • 【Weapon Patch Program】 x3200(Only available once during event time)

Lastly, the Yukata Pallette and Iron Maiden skins are available in the shop again until February 24 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

As always, to see bug fixes and a few more items added to the store, check the official website.

Let us know if you got any of the Valentine-themed characters girls from the gacha! What did you think of the event stage, too?


  1. Ugh, I have no metals for this, Capcom was socking the Zero/Iris fans for weeks already with the summer/yukata redo and Absolute Zero. AZ was rather disappointing in terms of gameplay strength, but now I find out Valentine's Iris is the second skill-breaker?! Yikes. I pray for record-breaking luck, but I'm not all that hopeful.

  2. Ciel has disapeared from the stage and i don't know why. Am i suposed to do something in particular to make her appear or is that a bug?
    She appeared normally the first two times i played, but now i don't see her despite playing the exact same way i did before.

    1. You need to defeat all four fan groups in first stage zone for Ciel to appear.


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