Monday, February 22, 2021

High-End Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero Statues Teased From PCS (Update)

In September 2020, we learned that Premium Collectibles Studio acquired the license to develop products based on the Mega Man IP. High-end character statues and figures, more or less. 

And now, the manufacturer has taken to Twitter to tease, what may very well be, an impending announcement...


UPDATE: It has come to light that Premium Collectibles did not ask for Hoshi Mikan's permission to republish their artwork for these products. What's more, these pieces are NOT from the products themselves. The hashtags in the tweet still suggest what series' these pieces will be based on, however.

Original Story: While nothing is certain at the moment, speculation suggests that each illustration corresponds with a different statue. Here's the general consensus floating around (not official):

  1. First Armor X (standalone or diorama)
  2. Zero vs. Sigma diorama
  3. Zero (standalone)
  4. Mythos Zero (based on Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero appearance)


There's not much else to go by right now, of course. This will definitely be one of those wait and see sort of deals. Nevertheless, these are exciting prospects.

If you've never seen the kind of work Premium Collectibles delivers, check out their takes on  MMPR Red Ranger, Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, Zangeif and Michael Myers. Crazy amount of detail and... expensive! But totally worth it if you've got the Zenny and shelf space!

I'm VERY interested to see what they'll do with Mega Man. More news soon!


  1. Oh joy, yet more figures of X and Zero once again existing in a vacuum. Still no one sees it fit to make figures of literally anyone else in the series.

    1. All I freaking need is Axl merch that is not 15+ years old and hard to find.
      If it's the tritagonist of the series, why does he get nothing all the time, even in a fanservice mobile games? Not like I desperately need the official Axl fanservice, but man does mah boi look neglected.

      And of course I have some other favorites that barely have the merch or don't at all. I need more Pallette too, for example D:

    2. Because let's face it, as of now X Zero and Classic Megaman are the few character really Iconic enough for that.
      Mm is no Dysney Princess or Star Wars with dozen characters any random person would recognize and buy, so business can't afford taking that risk.
      If anything, it's great to see that there will probably be Mythos Zero merch'

    3. I've just resorted to 3D printing my own...
      Made an Alia. Made two Sigma.s Half way done with Iris :)

    4. Expensive Axl merch is likely not happening.

      Why would companies risk making merch for a character introduced in what is widely regarded as the worst game in the franchise? The audience for such things has to be miniscule. I personally have a huge collection of Mega Man merch from most of the franchises, but even I wouldn't buy (and have no) Axl merch! Axl fans are lucky to have posters and the Jazwares figures. There's even a new enamel pin of him floating around.

      Axl is in X DiVE, so there's your official fan-service in a mobile game.

    5. But surely some of the Maverick bosses have become iconic enough by now to deserve their own high quality figures, right? Chill Penguin, Crystal Snail, and Magma Dragoon are just a few examples of popular stage bosses.

    6. Weren't you having problems with certain parts for Sigma, Shrap? I'm guessing you figured out how to do them. Which versions of Sigma did you make?

    7. X1 Sigma, both Maverick and Pre-Maverick versions.
      I am having difficulty with hands, especially the detail lines. Possable hands at that scale don't work. I have a working Lightsaber for him, but the hands aren't ready for it yet. I chose that scale to save cost in material when outsourcing. I want to make his cape, but that's out of my skill set.

      Command Mission X is being built, Iris is almost ready and that is next. CM Ultimate Armor is designed. I intend to re-visit Axl at some point.

    8. Anonymous, Axl's inclusion in DiVE is almost as small as Massimo's inclusion. Axl is a bit more lucky because he has appeared in X DiVE's "Story" mode once. Since the game's release, he has only gotten a few cards and that's it.

      Pretty disappointing to say the least. I went through that game in Japanese and at least the story was pretty decent. A nice introduction to a new protagonist if you ask me. Although i have no idea what was driving the localization team's desicion to change his character entirely.
      The game itself was, to put it politely, bad (at least it's not as against the nature as X6, but it feels really lifeless in visuals. the only expressive enough character in X7 for me was a freaking Mega Scorpio thanks for its energeticly-looking animations during some of attacks) and it's even more frusturationg in Japanese release. But I've beaten it three times to see everything this game had to offer story-wise. I have no life, yeah :'D

    9. Looks pretty good, Shrap! The leggies are my fave. Since 3D printers are too expensive for me, I've been pondering making figures out of pre-existing pieces but the only resources I found previously were for GI Joe customs. Do you know anything about these sorts of things?

    10. I don't know much about those, Tiny Proto.
      I know there are numerous 3rd party repro and custom parts hobbyists for various toy lines. But none that specialize in Mega Man...

      3D printing can be outsourced, if a printer is too expensive for you. I use Shapeways but there are others. I just bought a repro MOTU Power Sword for around 5 bucks. The cost depends on the size. For something like my Sigma's legs, just the legs, maybe 30 bucks or so. There are also sites like Thingiverse where you can download tons of free stuff. I've found free 3D models of repro Joe vehicles and weapons, custom MOTU weapons. I found full 3D renders of Gundams on Sketchups 3D warehouse.

      I wish someone would make 3rd party Mega Man figures like all the 3rd party Transformers productions that are able to be made.

  2. im literally going to go broke LOLOLOLOL!!!!! sooooo many toys!

  3. It would certainly be nice to have another Sigma figure. Still would prefer a poseable one, though.

  4. It gets pretty stale when the only merch is just X and Zero all the time. Figures of Axl, Dynamo and the Navigators for example would be a nice change of pace.

    1. Exactly what I said.

    2. No for navigators, but I could use some Mavericks.

  5. Im still waiting for an Axl figure, which would be REALLY cool.

  6. Cool and all, but Im more down for an X8 Alia figure instead. There's more than just two Maverick Hunters after all.


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