Saturday, March 14, 2020

Mega Man Megamix Creator Designs a Reploid to Fight COVID-19

"My daughter said to me, 'daddy, you should draw an Amabie to help defeat COVID-19'," relates Mega Man Megamix author and illustrator Hitoshi Ariga. With pen in hand, the renowned artist forged a hero to not only "fight" COVID-19, but to spread a message of hope and healing with the world.

And thus the antiviral medicine Reploid, Antivirus Armorvie, was born!

Per his daughter's wishes, Hitoshi Ariga's Antivirus Armorvie is a "tough" Amabie. Amabie are three-legged mermaid/merman yokai. According to legend, sharing drawings of Amabie will heal people in times of disease.

Ariga is not the only person drawing an Amabie in response to COVID-19. By searching the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, you'll find a growing number of Amabie art created by people from every corner of Japan. Each and every piece carries the hope of warding off the epidemic in not just Japan, but the world.

If you would like create your very own Amabie (Mega Man-inspired or not), I implore you to use the above hashtag and share it on social media! It's a little something you can do to help comfort and inspire people during these scary and uncertain times.

Source: Gosokkyu


  1. I thought it was a tail instead of a third leg, but good news, though!

  2. More important question, can it fight the Sigma Virus?

  3. Not gonna lie, I like your idea, but, I can create a robot master who studies desieses.

  4. May as well mention this, too: there's a Battle Network version of this critter, too. It's pretty.

    (If you're logged in, you may need to scroll down.)

  5. This is really nice. Amidst the doom and gloom, it's nice to see artwork like this.

  6. Dont make something like this in the world, the moment it goes rogue or gets hacked, it gets to kill a huge chunk of population before you even realize it's gone crazy.

    1. But that's the best part! What the world of MMX needs is MOAR VIRUSES - both technological and biological! :D


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