Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fan-Game "Mega Man Perfect Blue" Looks to Hit All the Right Notes

Mega Man Perfect Blue is a fan-game currently in development by RRThiel and co. that not only captures the spirit of the classic series, but also aims to carve its only legacy. From its unique visual style to one banger soundtrack, Perfect Blue may just hit that mark.

According to director RRThiel, the game, which is being developed in the "Megamix Engine", will consist of eight stages: an intro stage, 4 Robot Master stages and 3 Castle stages. You can play as either Mega Man or Roll and each sibling plays differently. Mega Man plays mostly the same but he can now shoot while sliding, jump from ladders and charge all of his Special Weapons. Additionally, when Mega Man is out of Special Weapon energy, he can STILL use his Special Weapons! They'll just be a little weaker with reduced functionality.

As for Roll, she plays similar to Zero from the Mega Man Zero series but with a "streamlined" approach. She can only perform a single slash at a time but it's fast, potent and can be used while walking or dashing. Roll does not acquire Special Weapons from Robot Masters; instead, she learns different techniques like Zero.

Mega Man Perfect Blue is expected to release sometime in 2021. To keep your appetites whet until then, head to RRThiel's YouTube channel for a preview of the game's soundtrack!


  1. Huh. That concept and design for Roll seems awfully familiar

  2. whoa, that's awesome
    I was kinda expecting proto man after that whistle, but I welcome the idea of roll taking down robot masters with a broom.

  3. Damn, this looks amazing! Way to raise the bar for all Mega Man fan games.

  4. I want to try it NOW
    Freaking AWESOME

  5. Is...




    Beautiful 😘😢😘

  6. Game looks promising, however... When I heard the Proto Man whistle theme, I was like finally, FINALLY a two player co-op campaign where I can play as the bothers with my actual bother in a Mega Man game built around that from the ground up. Thank you fans for doing what Capcom never would.

    You can obviously imagine my disappointment at the reveal of loli hero mode where for some odd reason people seem to have a hard off for making the damn character actually relevant to the gameplay, purposefully explicitly more so than the title character in fact judging by the reveal trailer. Yeah I'm just screaming to save the would brooming things to death and cleaning up with a bucket of water after. This is why I play Mega Man............................. I mean when I saw roses and neon colors and heard the music I should have known what to expect out of the priorities of the person/team making this.

    Will try this out but people, Mega Man doesn't have to only expand in terms of weapon gets and RoMas, if Mega Man 11 taught us anything it's that you're allowed to innovate gameplay features and modes once and a while.

    1. I don't see what's so bad about a fangame making Roll playable.
      i mean, yes a coop game where you could play as Protoman would be nice, but we can't really blame the guys for not making something that would be nice (except if they promised to do it before backtracking, but that's another story entirely).

    2. I've looked at this for about ten minutes now and I am literally incapable of understanding what the design/music choices have anything to do with the team's priorities. But.. alright?

      I can sort of understand the disappointment with the switcheroo they did in the trailer, but personally I love the idea of having a character with a moveset similar to Zero in a classic style game. It adds more variety to a series I honestly didn't find as fun as X and beyond.

      Like you said: if Mega Man 11 taught us anything, it's OK to experiment and expand on concepts once in a while. Why not introduce Roll as a playable character? It gives her more purpose than just a side character, and as a bonus you get a new way to play the game.

  7. Mind-blowing. Love seeing Roll as a badass and I love that they made her cleaning skills into ass kicking skills. Long overdue

  8. Now this is a more interesting project than Rockman X Dive


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