Saturday, July 6, 2019

Teppen: X's Hero Story Summary

We're continuing our coverage of Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment's latest mobile game, Teppen, with an image recap of X "Hero Story". Check it out after the break or, if you're just catching up, read up on what the game is all about here.

Below you can see a chart with how X story unfolds and intertwines with other characters in the game. The timeline unfolds as follows:

X Chapter 1 → Morrigan End of Chapter 3 → X Chapter 2 → X Chapter 3 → Ending

  • Chapter 1: X fights against Rathalos. You can see Rathalos's point of view in his Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 2: X fights against Dante. You can see Dante's point of view in his Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 3: X fights against Wesker in the Spencer Mansion. You can witness Wesker's point of view in his first chapter.

Below you can find screen captures of all the scenes from X's Hero Story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Below screen captures of the scenes from other characters stories that involve X.

Rathalos Chapter 2

Morrigan Chapter 3

Dante Chapter 2

Wesker Chapter 1

As you can see, the story ends not only with X but with all the characters trying to reach the "Land of Illusion" to fulfill their personal ambitions and seek the truth. At various points throughout the story, you can see a mysterious robed woman who appears to be manipulating all of these by command of her master.

If you haven't had the chance to play the game yet, you may be asking, "what is the Land of Illusion?" Well, I'm going to quote the mysterious woman:

The land of Illusion... a place where not even gods are absolute.
Legends say that those who find it shall have the truth bestowed upon them.

I think is safe to say they will continue adding more story chapters in the near future. Stay tuned to this Rockman Corner for the latest news about X's journey through the Land of Illusion!


  1. X's dialog seems kind of curt and out of character for him. I know he'd have a lot more to say and not be so quick to jump the gun.

  2. These people fundamentally misunderstand X. His conflict is not I need to protect the peace but also never hurt humans cause I am a robot, that is the antithesis of why Light created him.

    He created him to be able to make his own judgements PERIOD! Flat out. He then endowed him with a moral compass through 100 or so years of simulated training. He no longer struggles with robots never being able to hurt humans, his struggle is doing the right thing FULL STOP, so stopping the actions of an evil human should no more effect his principles than stopping an evil robot or monster of some kind not related to a human. Unless it has some sort of power dynamic and is circumstantial in a way that conflicts with X's understand of things, but not solely on the idea that a robot should never harm a human.

    1. Have you actually played through X's story? He actually comes across, for example, Dante, who being part human part demon confuses x's moral compass. He questions not being able to harm a human but dante is an aggressor and part devil. I thought he was done quite well, and I still rather like his design.

    2. I do think it would fit X's character to not want to kill a human, but not for programming reason. he is no 3-law compliant. So fighting and even hurting a human if he pose a danger to innocents should not be a problem indeed.

    3. @Anon 5:58: I think Mega Man (Rock) is already like that, What is being said is that X doesn't have that dynamic, he does have a dynamic with humans, it is just more nuanced because of his free will.

      I'd imagine X being especially protective of humans based on a racial component about power and the fact that they are fully sentient beings. So in my head I think unless a human poses a major threat he will not involve himself with policing them because I think he sees the clear power difference between humans and Reploids and if Reploids and mechaniloids get out of control he sees that as more of his responsibility because of the treat he knows they pose and his for lack of a better term physical uh... kinship with them.

      But I do not think X would hesitate to stop an evil human's actions because of some rule that robots shouldn't harm humans. I think he would hesitate because in his mind the powerful should not oppress the not as powerful. If he assessed that a human was as or more powerful than he was I have no doubt he would try to stop that human from enacting evil plans, he'd still hesitate or not want to do it but for the exact same reason he hesitates before taking down Reploids, because he doesn't like conflict.

    4. @Marc Havoc. that's what i had i mind basically. i don't know why they made his thought process so...mechnanical, here.

  3. "Land of Illusion! I wish to seek the truth! Why! Why! WHY. DO I HAVE CURVES FOR DAYS."
    Mega Man XXX, most likely

  4. Yeah, I am not liking the portrayal of X here at all. The key feature of X is that he has the ability to think and make decisions on his own, but this X has practically no personality at all and just mechanically follows his directives. The artwork looks strange as well. Looks like Capcom just handed their IP over to Gung Ho Entertainment without providing any external oversight on the story or characters.

  5. X feel kinda akward, but it seems fitting somehow, he just woke up after "sleeping" for far far more time than what he did in canon (you have to wonder what material used doctor light to make him so durable, i mean, metal rust if you let it rest for eons).
    Also while the wording make it seems like his problem was that Albert is a human, it is more the "not so different" angle that made him hesitate, not the fact that Whesker is human. i mean, he does have a point.

    The part with Dante is weird though. I do think it is in-character for X to want to protect humans, but in this version it is because he his programmed to, rather than because he choose to.

    Now not all is negative, i am probably the only person in the world to think this, but X fighting Rathalos is something i have wanted to see for a long time. (yes, i have oddly specific wishes)
    Also 'Scaning target...the result was both human and Demon''...
    X. Can. Detect. Demons?! Now, i know he is made to be able to evolve, but that is some precise programming. you have to wonder how he got that abilitie.

    1. I haven’t yet played the game, so I’m not sure about the crossover logic being employed here...but it begs the question: do demons ‘demon’strably exist in the Mega Man universe?

    2. Demon Hunter X

  6. Yeah... if I ever had any interest for this game at all, that interest is now long gone.

    1. Still have interest for it, but certainely not for the Megaman side of it (neat new art of the maverick boss is a good thing, though).
      I'll see how street fighter is handled.

  7. Is it just me or does X really look strange and almost creepy?????

    1. that's the uncanny valey, by making X more mechanical and less animesque human looking, they put it straight into the uncanny valley for some of us.

  8. You know if they add more story in the future and have X's mind actually evolve through what he experiences and shaping-up to be closer to what we know of him, there are actually ways they could make this interesting.
    Also the naration at the begining seems to implie that X was the only sentient robot, which would mean that he was not found by doctor Cain (that would explain why he is a bit off if this is the first time he is woken up and had 0 life experience before jumping into action), but there are maverick bosses and other characters making cameo. Is it some times of timey-wimey ball?

  9. The characterization of X feels a little off, but throughout the X and Zero series his way of thinking did not remain static but grew and changed. To me this X feels like an inexperienced one. Perhaps he doesn't remember his past?

    I'm curious about his halo, too.


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