Friday, May 31, 2019

Kotobukiya to Reveal the Third Rockman X Model Kit at Summer Wonder Festival 2019

Today, Kotobukiya's blog updated with some very tantalizing information that they shared during the show Shizuoka Hobby Show earlier this month. It flew under our radar then but, now that it's online, we've got the detail.

Revealed on February 10th, 2019.
Revealed on May, 8th, 2019.

So the first bit of news (and the most important) is that the third model kit under the Rockman X Plastic Model Series will be revealed at Summer Wonder Festival 2019 July, 28th. No further details are given.

                       Prototype                                 Final Design [Full size]

Second, Kotobukiya also revealed the final design for the A2 Stage Background Sheet. You can get this by preordering the X Model Kit in Kotobukiya Japan's online store. The image is based on the opening stage of Rockman X6.The final design is noticeably different from the prototype they revealed months ago.

Third, Kotobukiya shared the first official product image for the Rockman X3 Max Armor model kit and gave us the official name of the "Gold Armor" Model Kit: Max Armor Hyper Chip Version. Both kits will come with different accessories. The Hyper Chip Ver. will be sold (in Japan) exclusively through the Kotobukiya Online Store. It's planned to ship around the same time as the Max Armor kit. This is good news as, unlike the normal version and charge shot version of X, there won't be a gap between.

Finally, Kotobukiya shared via Twitter clean artwork drawn by Keiske Mizuno for the Charge Shot Version packaging:

What character will get the Kotobukiya model kit treatment next? Share your thoughts in the comments or vote in the poll below!


  1. I'd like to see what the unpainted, pure mold colors of the X3 armor will look like.
    Excited for this line. Hopefully it is successful.

  2. BBTS is taking pre-orders for the Polarized X kit!

  3. I feel like I was just talking about this the other day....I'd really want to see X2 or X4 armor X. I'd expect to see Zero sooner or later because that would offer two kits, normal Zero and Black Zero.

    But we all know who the kit will be. The real main character, BoobEyes!

  4. I hope this is the Model Kit series that has both Zero AND Axl. Also X5 Sigma, i want to see that badass form in a Model Kit version.

  5. Can't wait for those babes!!!!
    Certainly Zero, (X3 or X4 design model) would be awesome.

    Maybe the X6 full armor...Kotobukiya showed us A2 Stage Background Sheet.

  6. I definitely want more X armors. X2, X4, X5 and so on.

    1. You and me both.
      But... I want them all. I don't want half a set...

      If they get to the Icarus/Hermes armor, they need to put LED's in that bastard :)

    2. I'd also want all the armors but also some of the Mavericks like Bit, Byte, Vile, The X Hunters. I'd also really like the x1 version of Zero with the round shoulder pads. This line has some huge potential to really be the definitive X series model kit line if they don't stop at just a few kits of X and Zero. Kinda also hope they revisit the original Mega Man series to add some more characters to their previous line of models, like Duo or Bass and some of the robot masters not from Megaman 1.


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