Saturday, May 4, 2019

Kotobukiya Teasing "Polarized" Mega Man X Model Kit Variant

A limited edition variant of Kotobukiya's 1/12 scale Mega Man X model kit is in the works, the manufacturer teased.

The kit will be a "polarized" plated version that changes from purple to blue to green in the light. It's intended to look like the effect X's body undergoes when he charges his X-Buster. It will even include a uniquely colored Buster Shot effect part. Neat!

Kotobukiya also report that they're working on a so-called "undergate" to protect this kit's shiny armor from unsightly marks. Although they didn't specify how it will work, Kotobukiya say that the "undergate" will help hobbyists to cleanly remove parts from the grid. They assure even the most amateur builders will be satisfied with the result.

No word yet when we can expect to see the polarized variant, though more details are reportedly coming soon. For now, you can investigate the above test shot images the kit and the undergate. Thanks for the tip, Hayden!

Source: Kotobukiya


  1. I always just shaved off the connecting pieces with an exacto knife....I guess that can be tricky for new builders.

  2. That's one way to differentiate this X from the crowd of Xs I already own.
    Even if it doesn't work out well in practice, it should make for a neat unique collectible.

  3. oh my god... another one... my poor money T_T

  4. Very exciting! Hoping they don’t make it tooo limited, making it difficult to get one right off the bat.

  5. will these require any painting? I have the kits for Rock, Roll and Proto but they don't look great because they expect you to paint it a bit.

    1. Much like Gunpla, painting is't *required* but they're designed to be painted/customized to look even better!

    2. More or less what Protodude said. They expect you to seal the seamlines, sand out the tree nubs, and apply paint. They usually include stickers to compensate painting, which tend to never work that well.

      Straight building the kits though they tend to look pretty dang accurate. Overall you should have more articulation than the D-arts figures too. As well as being easier to pose.


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