Monday, December 4, 2017

Watch the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Stream Here (Pre-Show 10AM; Main Event 11AM PST)

We're just a couple hours away from Capcom Unity's Mega Man 30th anniversary event. What's gonna happen? What will we see? Tune in and find out!


  1. We need that Hebrews 11 faith to believe that Capcom is actually going to announce a new game.....

  2. Nothing major will be announced,Protodude and everyone. Though it's possible that something major might be announced during Capcom Japan's own Mega Man (rockman) 30th Anniversary stream. I doubt it though. The only Mega Man games we'll likely be getting soon will be those Mobile Games Capcom told us they were planning.

  3. oh, I wonder what could happen on this stream!

  4. People tamper expectations, it's better that way. You will be hype if it is hype, don't set out for disappointment.

  5. The new game looks like Mighty Number 9...

    1. If you mean 2-D platformer in 3-D space, then I guess you're right. But if you consider Mighty No 9 is based on MM, then I guess that's also kind of a given.

  6. So they made a new game afterall?

    When Megaman ran past the "2010" banner I figured they leading up to something. There was no way they were just going to showcase the blank 2011-2017 banners for nothing. I thought to myself "Watch them surprise us with a new game under '2017'"...and it was under "2018" banner. :P So we have some time to prepare. Still, I'm pleasantly surprised we got a new game much less MM11! Again, Capcom does listen. :)

    LETS GO MM11 2018!!!!!!!

  7. The pre-show was a little back-and-forth, but amusing, but… I think I can honestly say that Capcom was right: I definitely would not have wanted to miss this stream. I'm very glad my "schedule" cleared, for this.

    The only thing that could have made things better? Actually releasing a new game on December 17th. Oh, well… Just gives us something to look forward to!

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